The Latest Awakening Melodies from Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler is the man to tune into during these introspective times. Using deep house as the framework of his sound design built of organic instrumentation, nature and anything at all. The German from the log cabin on the Darss Peninsula drives deep with the powerful sounds he implements, leaving listeners frozen as if numb.

Christian Löffler landed on many people’s radar after his minimal techno set at the

Recently Christian Löffler released a new album, Lys, alongside a studio session mix and “Concerpt №2” for the RAMBALKOSHE.

Christian Loffler Lys

The 12-track album takes listeners through a journey of songs that seem to awaken humility and personal love. The album titled track ‘Lys’ featuring Menke, ‘The End’ featuring Josephine Philp, ‘Versailles’ and ‘Noah’ all come with a music video. Start by enjoying the music videos, then for your soul’s sake listen to the entire album all the way through and show your support for the creative community by downloading Lys.

Fall deeper into that Christian “Concerpt №2” for RAMBALKOSHE

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