The Chainsmokers Return with Their Biggest Song Yet “Closer” Featuring Halsey

The Chainsmokers are a hit-making machine that have completely dominated this year. By combining their love for dance music and more songwriting-focused genres such as indie, the result yields to beautiful songs with huge replay potential.

From “Roses” to “Don’t Let Me Down”, their music has been heard on radio stations and festivals around the world.

Their newest hit “Closer” features Halsey and The Chainsmokers‘ very own Andrew Taggart on vocals.

The Chainsmokers Closer featuring Halsey
The Chainsmokers Closer featuring Halsey

“Closer” is far more emotional than their previous works which only enhances the value of the track. After a string of successful hits, many artists find it difficult to continue in that same vein, let alone top them. This time, they hit the nail on the head and have created a beautiful and melancholic tune based on seeing that special someone after a breakup.

Alt-pop artist Halsey has been known for her unique story-telling based songwriting. She is able to capture the emotional strain of a doomed relationship with her chilling vocals.

When these two great artists come together, you know something special will arise.

Listen to The Chainsmokers Closer below:

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