5 Distinct and Innovative Tracks That Push The Envelope

While the mainstage sound is perfect when you are simply in the mood for hard-hitting drops to let loose to, the more eclectic tracks out there hold value, too. Whether it be powerful lyrics or uniquely crafted melodies, certain songs undoubtedly have a distinct effect.

Totem at EDCLV16 - Distinct Tracks
Totem at Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 via Facebook

Here are five distinct and innovative tracks:

Steve James – In My Head (ft. RKCB)

This new track comes from budding DJ and producer Steve James, who happens to be Martin Garrix’s newest protégé. At 18 years old, he is off to a great start in the scene. “In My Head” is a catchy, distinct track that melds pop music with the more melodic side of EDM very well.

RKCB croons along to the music, and the hook on this track is the kind that will be stuck in your head for months to come. The infectious melody and thoughtful lyrics are refreshing, and this song is one you can truly appreciate.

Zeds Dead – By Your Side

The dreamy, auto-tuned vocals and charming lyrics are easily the first things noted about this track. Even more notable are the spiraling synths and glitchy beats, which showcase just how creative Zeds Dead can get.

Rather than bringing a track with blatant drops, the focus was clearly geared elsewhere. This futuristic gem is mellow, but it still hits you hard.

Dirty South – All Of Us feat. ANIMA!

Dirty South‘s latest tune will definitely send you on a lengthy feel-trip. With a stellar vocal performance by Arielle (from the indie band ANIMA!) that is reminiscent of 70s disco, and a cascading guitar sample, he has definitely made another major summer track.

The melody of this track is very hypnotic, and overall it displays that even this notable DJ is willing to take a different direction artistically.

Grizzly Bear – Will Calls (Diplo Remix)

While the original track was crafted by alternative rockers Grizzly Bear, Diplo reworked it and the result was very epic. The original vocals are captivating on their own, and the trap-inspired beat Diplo brought to them only add more character to the track overall.

The song creeps into the first, intriguing breakdown, which happens to come a bit unexpectedly. It only gets more exceptional from here on, with a more complex hook to follow the first. Diplo‘s raw talent is perhaps seen clearest on this remix.

What So Not & GANZ – Lone feat. Joy.

What So Not produces some of the most distinct tracks. Trippy sound effects, pensive lyrics and vulnerable vocals make this song stand out.

The hook is an intense, mesmerizing piece that will continue to pull you right back in.