Cashmere Cat Pushes Musical Boundaries with “Wild Love” featuring The Weeknd

After 2 years since the release of his Wedding Bells EPCashmere Cat has finally returned with the first single from his debut album, “Wild Love” featuring The Weeknd Francis and The Lights.

Channeling signature Cashmere Cat sounds and The Weeknd‘s harmonic vocals, this track is an atmospheric journey.

Cashmere Cat Wild Love (featuring The Weeknd & Francis and the Lights)
Cashmere Cat Wild Love (featuring The Weeknd & Francis and the Lights)

The beauty of Cashmere Cat‘s productions is that during the first listen-through, you might not understand them or even flat out dislike them. When pushing boundaries, we are resistant to listening to sounds and soundscapes we’re not used to.

“Wild Love” serves as the opening track to the album and gives us a taste of what’s in store. While he’s always been known for his “out of the box” production style, this track is something new entirely. Similar to “With Me”, he paints a beautiful atmosphere with lush synths and vocal chops, but contrasts them with robotic video-game sounds. At first, it takes away from the song and feels like it doesn’t belong at all.

The truth is that he is one of the sought-after producers in the game due to his abstract take on music. When initially announced that The Weeknd would be a collaborator on the album, fans expected a standard R&B tune. Abel provided beautiful harmonic vocals (as he always does), and lets the production be the main feature of the song.

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