The Dutch duo DROELOE — real names Vincent Rooijers & Hein Hamers — have just dropped their sophomore EP, The Choices We Face, via San Holo’s creative outfit, bitbird. Following the success of their debut EP, A Moment In Time, which has received over 25 million streams on Spotify, DROELOE is hungry for success on their newest project.

photo credit DROELOE

The driving force behind much of DROELOE’s accomplishment can be accredited to their incredibly unique sound. Their music tends to incorporate beautiful piano harmonies, harsh trap drums, intricate percussion elements and catchy synth melodies.

Every song they release takes the listener on a thoughtful and complex musical journey- The Choices We Face is no exception.

The Choices We Face by DROELOE

The most notable tracks off this project are “Taking Flight”, “Looking Back”, and “Weird Machine”. “Taking Flight” features the classic DROELOE trap sound we know and love. It begins with a eerie piano melody and then slowly transforms into an explosive ballad.

Similar to “Taking Flight”, “Looking Back” is another fantastic trap/future bass inspired banger.

Now onto my favorite track of the entire EP: “Weird Machine”. With the help of the amazing vocal talent Nevve, this song pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

Vibrant, bubbly synths contrast with a granular bass to produce a one-of-a-kind sound on “Weird Machine.”

Once you get a chance, take a listen to DROELOE’s newest EP, The Choices We Face. You will not be disappointed.  Also be sure to look out for more quality releases from the bitbird label in the future.


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