Bassnectar Chirps Up in Quarantine: The Lockdown Mixtapes

For all us yearning for some Bassnectar, Lorin comes through with a full auditory experience for his freshest mix, The Lockdown Mixtapes: Inside for the People. This mix features tons of exclusive edits, flips, and mashed-up bootleg versions of some of our favorite tunes, as well as 2 tracks off of the upcoming album “All Colors”.

Bassnectar The Lockdown Mixtape ‘Inside for the People’

Like every single time, Bassnectar finds new avenues of electronic music to venture down, redefining what works by grasping your attention with new sound patterns that activate deep crevasses of your brain. Scope the tracklist and daydream while looking back at some unforgettable dancefloor moments.


Bassnectar – Nice & Easy ft. Rodney P
Fred V & Grafix – Long Distance (Giz-roc) [bassnectar flip]
Fracture X Chimpo – From Early [bassnectar flip]
Two Fingers – Rockyou Feel It [bassnectar flip]
Wretch 32 – Traktor (DJ Friction Remix) [bassnectar flip]
Skee-Lo – I Wish [bassnectar flip]
Dolenz – Jevastor [bassnectar flip]
UFO! – Logue [bassnectar flip]
Regulators x SaneBeats – Tipping Point [bassnectar flip]
Chee – Genesism [bassnectar flip]
Proxima – Ruff Scuff
Mr. Projectile – Love Here (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar – Empathy (Bass Remedy Remix)
Franky Nuts – Waves [outro]
Joker – Boat [bassnectar flip]
VCTRE – Enemies [bassnectar flip]
Samba x Headland – Salt Talk [bassnectar flip]
Moguai – Freaks [bassnectar flip]
Bassnectar – Dive (2020 Redux)
Si Begg – I Can’t Take It [bassnectar flip]

photo credit Bassnectar
photo credit Bassnectar
photo credit Bassnectar

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