Bass Physics Talk Touring and Latest Track “Let Me Go”

Bass Physics just released “Let Me Go” featuring Carly Lynn.

Lynn’s gorgeous voice accompanied by a melodic piano riff pulls your heart stings. Lyrics ring, “I smile into myself.” Then that loving bass drops, giving you a warm feeling that lifts you up as A.P. softly lays in his guitar chords creating spacey feels. The song is a positive reminder of appreciating and controlling ourselves. Their passion for life oozes out of this empowering track.

During the Thursday pre-party for the Pretty Lights run in Telluride Colorado, I got the amazing opportunity to meet with the members of Bass Physics, Luke Sims and Arja Adair a.k.a. A.P.

Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado
Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado

Before their set that night I asked them…

Do you have any comments about your new track, “Let Me Go”?

A.P.: “We worked really hard on this track. It is the next level for us to reach our taste in music.”

Luke: “We worked with our close friend, Carly Lynn. She has a beautiful voice. We are excited to help show the world what she can do as well.”

Where did you two meet?

Luke: “We went to high school together and had the same music tech class. Basically, making music on Garage Band.”

Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado
Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado

How has the tour been going?

Luke: “Everything goes smoothly once we get IHOP in the morning. We all love IHOP”

A.P.: “I don’t love IHOP ‘haha'”

Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado
Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado

Do you have any good road stories?

A.P.: “Last year, December to early fall we went on tour with Phutureprimitive. We drove 23,000 miles in my Jeep Grand Cherokee within the span of a month and a half. It started in Flag Staff (Arizona) then all the way to Atlanta, playing shows along the south then all the way up to Vermont then over to Chicago. We were zigzagging back and forth going through 37 different cities, including the west coast as well. Only thing bad that happened was we ran out of gas.”

Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado
Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado

Any good practical jokes you guys play on the road?

A.P.: “We like to film Luke sleeping and put it on snapchat.” (Follow them on snapchat @bassphysics)

What have you been listening to lately?

Luke: “Atmosphere and Brother Ali. We actually played a show with Brother Ali out in Gunnison (Colorado). Also, Trevor Hall, I just saw him at the Mishawaka (Amphitheater). He opened my ears to that type of acoustic music.”

A.P.: “I’ve been a real big fan of Stephen. He has been innovative in mixing classic warm rock sounds with electronic hip hop, trap and bass music.”

Check out this wicked Stephen track:

Any stories about how the name Bass Physics came to be? Any philosophies behind the name?

A.P.: “When we met I was Applied Physics (A.P.) and Luke was Database.”

Luke: “So we just dropped parts of the names and went with Bass Physics. Experiment- that’s the philosophy behind it. We are always trying to experiment with different sounds.”


What influences you to write a track?

Luke: “I sit down and write how I’m feeling at the time. We aim to create songs that have a lot of soul to them.”

A.P.: “There is a lot of power from life experiences and feeling raw emotions yourself then being able to capture that in a way other people can also embrace. I think there is a really big power in people feeling an emotion through sound. We got so much energy from going on tour and playing our music in front of so many people. Having an experience like playing at Red Rocks and thinking, wow we can move that many people. You feel empowered, so you want to make music that makes others feel empowered too.”

Any highlights of the tour?

A.P.:”Electric Forest. I’ve never seen a festival on that scale before and the artist amenities and hospitality were amazing.”

Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado
Bass Physics in Telluride, Colorado

Any good advice for up and coming artists?

Luke: “Don’t stop making music. There should never be guidelines.”

Do you have any life mantras?

A.P.: “Follow your heart. There is intuition for a reason. Happiness is a state of mind- not a destination. You have to listen to yourself in order to get there.”

Luke: “Always try to put others before yourself. We are here to help other people.”

:: Telluride CO 5 minute walk from venue ::
:: Telluride CO 5 minute walk from venue ::

Thank you guys for the great conversation in the mountains.  I will make sure to spread your positive words and vibes.

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