Axwell/\Ingrosso Unveil “Something New” As Part of Beats By Dre Campaign

While two of the former members of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso have been back in the booth together for a while now, the duo’s long awaited release of “Something New” is finally leaking its’ way into the airwaves.

Axwell Ingrosso
Axwell/\Ingrosso Venezuela via Facebook

Released only a week ago on BBC Radio with Zane Lowe, the single has already skyrocketed to the top ten on the iTunes dance charts and broken into the top 100 chart of the all around music.

As the first song to be released on iTunes under their Def Jam label, it has served as an exceptional precursor to the upcoming album that is expected to make even more of a statement.

Paired with the latest campaign for Beats by Dre, the single was given the ability to reach beyond the ears and listeners of electronic dance music, helping Axwell and Ingrosso bring fresh life into the community. The campaign airing worldwide features the single “Something New” with a number of well known celebrity cameos.

Check out Beats by Dre featuring “Something New” by Axwell/\Ingrosso below!

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