Austrian Nu Disco Duo Drop a Majestic Single ‘We Were Wild Once’

Holter & Mogyoro are keeping the torch well lit for the nu disco and deep house scene out of Vienna, Austria. With Enormous Tunes, Kittball, Milk & Sugar, Deepalma backing their sound, you can only expect quality.

We have selected one of their newer tracks as well as their mix for to showcase this duos unique and comforting style.

Holter & Mogyoro create a pleasing nu disco single, ‘We Were Wild Once‘.

‘We Were Wild Once’ Holter & Mogyoro feat. Farewell Dear Ghost

These two will be bouncing around all summer long getting the dance floors going. They just played a set in Budapest at a chic club called, ‘Tesla’. Holter also just started a solo nu disco, melodic and deep house project under the moniker, Keyano. His solo remix of Holter & Mogyoro ‘Hundred Lives’ already reached the Top 40 Nu-Disco Charts on Traxsource.

For this nu disco and deep house piece they team up with Farewell Dear Ghost.

‘We Were Wild Once’ will transport you to an exotic beach club with its light and carefree vibe accompanied by majestic vocal samples and a deeply satisfying beat.

Listen to ‘We Were Wild Once’ by Holter & Mogyoro feat. Farewell Dear Ghost:

To fully quench your deep house cravings take a listen and download for free their mix for

View the full tracklist to their ‘Back To The Roots’ mix:

  1. Bombay Traffic – ‘Roll Jordan’
  2. Nhan Solo – ‘Brothers Keepers’
  3. Stan Garac – ‘Summer Xtasy’
  4. Bontan – ‘What You Want’
  5. Superlover – ‘Night Drive’
  6. Return Of The Jaded & Juliet Sikora – ‘Did You Take My Money’
  7. Fat Sushi – ‘Warehouse’ (CamelPhat Remix)
  8. Kurd Maverick – ‘The Rub’ (Tube & Berger vs Juliet Sikora Remix)
  9. Yves Murasca – ‘Underground People’
  10. Dosem – ‘Projection’
  11. Sabb – ‘Illusiones’ feat. Rafa Barrios

BONUS TRACK: listen to Keyano’s remix of ‘Hundred Lives’ below:

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