Rusko Undergoes Treatment, Send Good Vibes by Bumping his ‘Everyday’

Today, Rusko announced that he has been diagnosed with gastric lymphoma and has to undergo treatment. Gastic lymphoma is a rare condition of stomach cancer, but is allegedly treatable 70-90% of the time depending on certain conditions. Needless to say, he will not be able to make his tour this summer. However, he does still promises new music in the year.

Shambhala photo via Rusko’s Facebook

Here is his official announcement:

So after a stay in a US hospital and then back here in the UK, I am currently beginning treatment for gastric lymphoma (a type of stomach cancer). Regrettably I will not be able to make any shows this summer, but I do still have loads of music coming out which is awesome – and gonna cheer me up for sure. In the meantime if I’m a bit quiet you know why.

Dubstep fans, time to show your love and support for Rusko.

His tour included multiple stops in the UK and the US, including Boomtown Behind the Mask and Toxic Summer. He will be missed, more than anything all we can hope is that you get well soon, Rusko. Our thoughts and good vibes go out to you, take care. We know you will always remember that the sun shines everyday!

Take a listen to Rusko’s uplifting and happy dubstep song ‘Everyday’ to show your support and channel good vibes to him.

Fortunately, some Denverites just got to catch him play this track at our 420 Block Party, where he closed out the night properly. Enjoy basking in the massive bass and feeling the fierce positivity this song is built with.

Also, make sure to reach out to Rusko on his socials to help build him up as he has for us so many times.

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