Astrid S’s Unique Voice and Sound Will Have You Begging for More

Norwegian singer and songwriter Astrid S has been making a name for herself through great collaborations such as “Running Out” with Matoma, and since going on tour with rising star, Troye Sivan.

While Astrid S may be young, her unique voice and musical talent will take her far as her recent self titled EP “Astrid S” shows. Standout single “Hurts So Good” hits all the right notes, and is the perfect indication for her future successes.

With a unique voice and sound akin to BANKS, Astrid S has a lighter, gentle voice – as if the wind is singing to you by whispering in your ear.

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Astrid S via Instagram

The track starts off with a soft rolling bass kick, punctuated by snaps as manipulated vocals dance in the background. Astrid S’ voice enters and is the noticeable focal point. The accompaniment below is sparse, even on the build up, until the chorus enters.

However, her voice still sounds so personal, as if she is directly speaking to you even when the chorus builds up in texture and sound.

Her voice isn’t only limited to the bombastic chorus. Each verse brilliantly pulls back to allow her voice to be highlighted as the main focus. When the chorus drops, it is not doubt made to be chanted in the audience, especially with the “Your love is like, hey na na na” section. It is addictive, catchy, and easy to be sung.

The song throughout continues it’s gentle head nodding groove with never a moment that begs for more – perfectly sculpted to accentuate all the nuances Astrid S brings with her vocals and songwriting skills.

Check out “Hurts So Good” and then listen to the rest of her standout self-titled EP out now:

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