Boombox Cartel Craft a Future Bass Masterpiece with Newest Remix

Hailing from Los Angeles, Boombox Cartel emerged onto the scene with quality originals and remixes spanning across multiple genres. Originally starting with festival trap edits, these two producers have since found their sound and are killing it.

Boombox Cartel’s remix of Cash Cash’s “How To Love” is a melodic masterpiece.

Cash Cash How To Love (feat. Sofia Reyes) Remixes EP
Cash Cash How To Love (feat. Sofia Reyes) Remixes EP

Their first future bass track was a remix of Diplo Sleep Tom‘s hit, “Be Right There” and received a lot of plays, especially by Marshmello during his festival sets. Now, they have returned with their sequel remix that demonstrates their diversity as producers by being able to tackle a beautiful, melodic, and powerful song.

This remix has everything you want and need: an uplifting buildup, powerful vocals, and one of the best melodic drops.

Listen to the remix below:

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