Andreilien – Nonsensical Delight

Andreilien - Nonsensical Delight
Andreilien – Nonsensical Delight

Producer’s producer and musical mastermind Andreilien (formerly Heyoka) has been hard at work crafting his one-of-a-kind hodgepodge of psychedelic electronic music, and “Nonsensical Delight” is a deep excursion into the sound of sine waves.

Historically, Andreilien’s productions are hard to categorize under one genre or style.

Glitch, breakbeat, drum and bass, etc. – everything has a time and place in this producer’s catalogue.

“Nonsensical Delight”, however, is a cross between drum and bass and drumstep, but with the sound of hardcore glitch. Twisted pitches and distorted timbres come to fruition in this song, leaving tightly coiled bass blasts intertwining with highly compressed percussion samples.

It’s a fascinating song to listen to, honestly, the sounds included in “Nonsensical Delight” fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, with everything tying together to create an epic sounding piece.

With breakneck speed and a truly unique sound, “Nonsensical Delight” is a dance floor banger that is sure to turn any party up to 11 when it’s dropped.

Listen to “Nonsensical Delight” by Andreilien today and get the dance party started in your head.

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