FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs

We all adore music festivals, there’s no denying that; but sometimes they can be stressful or frustrating events to plan for. This is especially true when it comes to missed connections with friends, catching the end of an awesome set that you wish you had discovered earlier, and a plethora of other factors.

Thankfully a new app called FestEvo is here to solve all of those problems for you, as well as any others that may come up, to give you the best possible experience at your next music festival.

The creator, Tucker Gumber a.k.a. The Festival Guy, has devoted his life to doing whatever he can to make festival experiences better for any and all that attend. By creating the FestEvo app with such creative and interactive features, he has done that and so much more!

What is FestEvo?

FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs
FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs. Photo – Daniel Zetterstrom – Facebook.

Master List of Festivals

Upon opening the FestEvo app, you will find a master list of upcoming festivals around the world complete with locations and a search filter. Using the search filter option provided at the bottom of the screen, you can narrow down your search by music genre, calendar period, and country. If you have connected to the FestEvo app through Facebook or know of other friends using the app as well, you are even given the option of filtering your search by the preferences of your friends that also use it!

The friend preference is a very cool and outstanding feature of the app that sets it apart from the rest. How many times have you found yourself trying to decide on a festival when you and your crew all have so many different ideas flying around? Now you can have them all in one place to make the decision process a whole lot easier.

Festival Info

FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs
FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs.

Once you’ve selected the festival that you are interested in, the FestEvo app is able to help you with even more! Fully loaded with information on the festival itself, the location, and tons of other features, you will be more than ready when rave day finally comes.

On each festival page, you have access to the Ride Share feature which will help you get to and from the festival site with ease by interacting with other FestEvo users on a more personal and trustworthy platform than something like an anonymous craigslist post.

Much like ride share, there is a Camp Finder feature available on each festival’s page as well. Camp Finder is a lot like the groups that you would see on Facebook devoted to a certain music festival but more more interactive. You and your squad can form a camp, make it either public or private, and find/meet other camps related to the festival you’re going to!

On top of all these awesome options and services, the FestEvo app is linked to social media feeds relating to the selected festival, so you can see everything that festival goers and the festival itself post on various media channels! The feed is a great way to connect with others that are sharing the experience with you, and could even help you keep that connection going long after the gates close and the lights dim.


FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs
FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs.

Sometimes taking the magnifying glass out and really inspecting a festival lineup is a lot of work. Luckily, FestEvo has already done it for you! Upon searching through the various lineups and other information on the FestEvo app, you can also select an artist from the list provided, and uncover a world of information that you may have missed otherwise!

You can listen to their music on SoundCloud or Spotify, rate them, and even look at the list of other music festivals that they will be performing at. You can also go through the FestEvo app to connect with their social medias, and purchase tickets.

Rating the artists within the app is a huge part of the interaction that users have access too. FestEvo gives artists access to their views, ratings, and social media feed within the app. This provides an open line of communication between fans and artists that helps to make festival experiences as special and intimate as they’re truly meant to be. This is also a great way to discover some of the lesser known artists that you may have missed otherwise and allows them to expand their fanbase at the same time!


FestEvo: The App That Every Festie Head Needs
FestEvo helps you get more of this in your life. Photo – Electric Forest – Facebook.

There is nothing more frustrating than figuring out some of your friends were at the same festival as you, after the fact.

The FestEvo app allows you to create a profile through Facebook, which makes it much easier to communicate with your friends that also use it.

Once you create a profile and start sending your RSVP’s to festivals, your friends that also use the app can get a notification that you’re going, and vice versa, making it a lot easier to get the crew together!

You can message others using the FestEvo app, connect your social media accounts to the artists that have their information provided, post on festival feeds with the camera connection, and even buy your tickets.

You will see that the ticket prices for each festival are also provided, including whether or not there are day passes available. Even further than that, you will be able to buy, sell, and swap your tickets with others using the FestEvo App. Much like the Ride Share and Camp Finder features, FestEvo provides a trustworthy and personal platform for users to exchange tickets and such.

Need More? Check out the video below for a rundown of how the FestEvo app works with its creator, Tucker Gumber.

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Be sure to get your hands on this free app in the Itunes App Store for iPhones and on Google Play for Android Users.

If you’re looking more about the ins and outs of events and festivals, check out our festival calendar for up-to-date info on your favorite shows, festivals, and more.

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