The spectacle that was Sonic Bloom 2018 included new developments this year, starting with bigger sound. The stages were more evolved, there was no expense spared for the sound quality. Towers of Funktion-One‘s made a nest for us on the mystical Hummingbird Ranch in Rye, Colorado. Plus, the lasers extended the length of the festival grounds, surprising all the wigglers as they would pop up everywhere. Then there was the story of Steve…

First, enjoy a Sonic Bloom 2018 recap video by Top Level Productions, Mind Beam Productions and Cosmic Synergy.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE. – Audrey Hepburn

Check out the Sonic Bloom 2018 lineup card and enjoy our carefully curated festival playlist as peak into the spectacle.

Sonic Bloom 2018 Lineup 

Photo credit Sonic Bloom by Bradford Walkins Creations

photo credit Eric Allen for Sonic Bloom

The real question is, what didn’t Steve do?

Steve helped lead a group of lost friends to a light post, played a surprise silent set for people that could hear him, turned a jug of water into jug of wine, sat in the blazing hot sun all day just so all his friends didn’t have to move from the shade, didn’t care if his drink was warm on a hot day, used all of the food he eats as energy (no waste), gave a man a painting lesson…that man was Bob Ross, climbed a mountain and fed a little chipmunk and when an old ladies bag got snatched he got it back. Simply, Stevie embodied the love of Bloomers.

Perspective from Steve’s eyes photo credit Steve Wells

The festival was riddled with talent, blooming on every stage.

We will look forward to seeing some of these cats boosted to the top of lineups with the support that the Sonic Bloom community gives, especially Jade Cicada. Favorites and hidden gems that were on our list to see included: J.Phlip, Christian Martin, Golf Clap, ShpongleThriftworks, The Widdler, Liquid Stranger, Porangui, Desert Dwellers, Templo, Unlimited Gravity, kLL sMTH, Cofresi, Yaima, Mikey Thunder, Maddy O’Neal, Evanoff and Cycles.

Take a listen to Templo’s set at Sonic Bloom 2018.

photo credit Templo

This is Brian Wood, he hosted Qigong for Couples & Partners. Here are his intentions:

Learn beautiful and energetically bonding exercises that bring couples and friends closer together in this expansive movement meditation of ancient union practices. Find the Yin Yang balance within yourself and learn to cultivate healing symbiotic energy shared between you and your partner. Become more intuitive and aware about your personal aura field and learn to connect and enhance your partners field by uniting the breath, intention, mind, body and spirit.

To present the overarching intention of Sonic Bloom was the Founder, Jamie Janover, with his The Unified Field of the Universe workshop

Other workshops and activities that pulled this festival together included: Frick Frack Blackjack, Amanda Vollrath: “The Hype Goddess”, Kimberly Dill: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves, Warriors of Peace: Bringing Fourth the Revolution, The Opening Ceremony: AZTLAN, and a personal favorite, Camp Tramp. Read up on the various workshops during Sonic Bloom to enlighten yourself a bit.

photo credit Julien Deroeux of Camp Tramp

photo of Camp Tramp

: Nassim Haramein’s The Unified Field Theory : 

Now Jamie Janover and Nassim Haramein are off to explore scared sites in Peru and Bolivia for a Resonance Academy Delegate Gathering.

They will be going to sites most tourists never see while being led by experts in the fields of archeology and unified physics and showing how they intersect by examining directly, physical evidence of the use of possibly advanced ancient technologies. We look forward to hearing Jamie’s workshop next year after he gathers all this beautiful information. We are really interested in hear what physical evidence they find… Stay tuned for a follow up interview and follow and be a part of their story.

Grab your Sonic Bloom 2018 Grassroots hat 

photo credit Sonic Bloom

Now find out how The Widdler’s set went down at Sonic Bloom 2018.

The Widdler Sonic Bloom 2018

photo credit Sonic Bloom

photo credit Sonic Bloom

photo credit Sonic Bloom

With the exception of a couple lost pockets, friends, oneies, water-guns, mystical stones and minds, Sonic Bloom 2018 went off without a hitch. It is always excited to see the new developments each year and with Jamie now owning the land, we can look forward to our roots growing deeper into the Hummingbird Ranch. What will bloom next year? Start dreaming up ideas and turn your wildest imaginations into reality at Sonic Bloom 2019.


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