A Beginner’s Guide To Create An Incredible BTS Album Collection

If you are a K-Pop enthusiast, you will probably know BTS well enough. The all-boys group has taken the music industry by storm, and there are hardly any signs of them slowing down. They already have a massive global following, which shows how good they are. They bring meaningful music, with lyrics that touch the most sensitive topics such as women empowerment, mental health issues, school bullying, suicide, and societal ideals. The group started its journey not long ago and has come a long way since then, with several hit songs and albums, and awards to their credit. Whether you have just started following them or are already an ardent fan, you would surely want to own a collection of their albums. Here are some tips to help you.

Start with a list

Over the years, BTS has released dozens of songs and albums during their stint in the industry. The most popular albums are Skool Luv Affair, Wake Up, Dark&Wild, Youth, Wings, You Never Walk Alone, Love Yourself, and Face Yourself. Before you start creating a collection, make a list of the BTS albums. While there would be special versions of some albums, you will find that they have Japanese releases as well. A list will give you a starting point, and you can gradually check them all. 

Pick the ones that are right for you

When you start asking around, you will find that music lovers have different opinions about these albums. While some may recommend picking the latest albums, others will favor the old ones. You may consider starting with the old ones because they are easy to find and would cost comparatively lesser as well. If the budget isn’t a concern, you may pick the latest one.

Choose a website to buy from 

Once you know what you want to pick for your collection, it is time to check the website you want to buy from. Choose a reputed kpop store that has a good collection and also offers deals so that you can purchase at bargain prices. Some stores also offer free shipping to specific locations, so you need not worry about spending a fortune. Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions before buying.

Pay attention to storage

When you just start collecting, you will only have a few albums, and the number will increase over time. Storing albums can be challenging because you would want them to be in order so that they are easy to locate. Consider arranging them chronologically, according to their release dates, so that you can access them easily when you need to. You may also place them alphabetically to make them easy to locate. The best place to store your collection is a bookshelf, though you can opt for a drawer as an alternative. 

A BTS album collection is an owner’s pride, so you wouldn’t mind spending on it if you are a K-Pop lover. Just start small right now, and you can keep adding gradually to have a complete collection as soon as possible. 

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