6 New Tracks That Should Be On Your Radar

With a slew of new tracks coming from the worlds of progressive, house, electro-pop, and other sub-genres trying to tackle the mainstream, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with everything. Hence, here we are, to keep you guys on top of it. Enjoy some recent releases from Panda Funk, Protocol Recordings and more.

Plug into 6 new, diverse tracks from underground talent R-Wan, Boxinlion, Tom Tyger, FaderX, and more.

6. R-Wan feat. Mike Jay – Take Me Away (Extended Version)

Armed with a voice synonymous with Bruno Mars, Mike Jay helps R-Wan guide the widely-appealing progressive house style into orbit.

There may be no question we are getting tired of the mainstream status quo in the electronic music world, but “Take Me Away” is the closest thing to an anthemic power ballad the scene will get close to. As the song progresses, its soulful influences are backed by studio claps and the general helping of a 90s backbeats which round out the general structure of the track. Grab the brand new track here.

5. Boxinlion feat. Joe Con – City Don’t Sleep

Boxinlion will take your ears by storm with their R+B backbone paired with smooth vocals by Joe Con.

Perfect for the after-party, “City Don’t Sleep”, released on Panda Funk, keeps the party going with eastern sounds and traditionally acoustic instruments. The smooth bass lines and instrumental melody eventually builds into an incredibly funky drop that proves Boxinlion to be melodic yet fearsome. Don’t underestimate the track with its slow beginning, because this carefully crafted track will shock you with its impact.

The chilling and briefly melodic vocals of Joe Con guide the chant throughout the melody, and round out the hip-hop elements within the track. While he may not be a rapper or a Mariah Carey-esque performer, the addition of his vocals contribute to the contradictory vibes of “party” and “serenity.”

4. Tom Tyger and FaderX – “Rave Me”

“Rave Me” is clearly a single for the old and new heads looking to go back to their roots of warehouse parties and PLUR.

This single also has something for the new house fans.. While original ravers ay consider this light fare, “Rave Me” reminds us why we started partying with synths and bass in the first place, the addictive 8-bit melody will no-doubt garner the attention of newer house fans. If you’re looking for a new track for your pre-Rave playlist, grab the track here.

3. Raiden feat. YURI  – “Always Find You”

Raiden found a welcoming home aboard Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings imprint.

With YURI of popular Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, she joins him on “Always Find You,” and managed to garner the attention of listeners who bonded with the originally cinematic vibes and diverse production style. Recently, a remix pack for the lead single was released to wide acclaim, with remixes from Blinders, Sam Void, Maximals, and Sunstars. Each artist on the tracklisting put their own spin on Raiden and YURI’s “Always Find You,” and beginning with the Blinders music, the track doesn’t disappoint.

The first remix presents the track in a more trap-heavy hip-hop laden transformation; while Yuri does retain her presence throughout the mix, Blinders clearly crafted this remix with inspiration from listeners who prefer “harder” mixes. Download the new remix EP hereListen to the rest of the remixes.

2. Deorro and SCNDL – “Sonar”

In an impressive, genreless fashion, Deorro makes “Sonar” stand out with its glitch-y influences and odd samples dotting the track.

Bass fans will no doubt get their fix by the mid-way of this Panda Funk release, but the true magic relies on the incredibly dirty synths taking harder genres by storm. The heavy-hitting lead single contains styles that truly aren’t for the run-of-the-mill EDM fans, but could possibly open the minds of those more creatively closed.

With elements comprised of Melbourne bounce, hardstyle, and Drum + Bass, SCNDL helps out Deorro by mashing up his penchant for top notch electro productions with Deorro’s concept of “controlled chaos.” If you’re a listener looking for that exact fix of offbeat song production, grab the download here.

1. Paris & Simo – “Fire Away”

Paris & Simo have built their trademark sound on clever melodies paired with a form of modern tropical synth pop, and these aspects are certainly not absent from “Fire Away.”

While chanted vocals reflecting a refreshing musical positivity, Steve Reece’s rap contributions help mold the track into the radio hit it can become. While the track may not be pushing any avant garde concepts, “Fire Away” revels in its simplicity and is unashamed of its progressive house backing. While we may not always gravitate towards pop sounds, Paris & Simo flashes us back to the tropical sounds of the early 00s and evokes feelings similar to the music of Sean Paul. If you’re looking for this banging summer jam, grab the download here.

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