5ofclubs Makes Debut with Gased Up Single ‘Not Your Kind Of Girl’

The 5ofclubs project makes its debut with a new dance single centered around inclusion, empowerment, and ownership of a personal identity.

“Not your kind of Girl” has powerful and simple lyrics exuding a confident, yet defiant tone for those who refuse to be judged for being themselves. The song is fueled by an electric dance floor riff and a direct vocal message. The lead line carries the tune from a thumping house track to a fast-slapping ethnic drum trap beat.

This is the first of many new tracks to come from the DJ/producer’s new project that has been years in the making. The 5ofclubs is an alien with a restless brain who learns through experiences and embraces transformation of the mind. Interests and hobbies include dancing alone, floating in water, the spin move, sipping red wine, looking at butts, skinny margaritas, recklessly gambling, and eating tacos (preferably all at the same time).

The unknown artist plans to venture into a variety of genres, including more EDM bangers, remixes, hip hop, trap, pop, and more.

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