5 Exciting Electronic Music Artists in 2018

Electronic music is a genre that appeared in Europe and America in the 1960s and became quite popular in the 1990s. In general, this is an interesting genre with quite a long and exciting history. As for current days, electronic music develops pretty fast, including a wide number of new genres and subgenres, artists, and great performances.

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With so many changes, it is not so easy to spot all talents. Many students love electronic music, so if you still didn’t attend many concerts because of a huge amount of homework, search on the Internet can I pay someone to write my paper, and enjoy the music! In our review, we have gathered five electronic music artists of 2018.

Read our article, and don’t forget to listen to marvelous tunes and attend their wonderful concerts. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied. In fact, these exciting artists from our top five are really going to the peak of their starry careers!

#1 Aazar

Aazar opens our list of top artists. This is a creative electronic music artist whose real name is Alexis. This mysterious person is a producer of a popular Parisian group Point Point. He started to work with Frenchman UZ, and his hypnotizing vocal attracts many people. His the most recognizable track is “Pop Dat.” We also recommend listening to other great tracks such as:

  • “Da Vinci” (2018)
  • Ravage (2016)
  • Different (2017)
  • Booty Time (2017)

#2 Jai Wolf

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Jai Wolf is an artist from New York with a real name Sajeeb Saha. This young guy from Bangladesh started to be popular after his famous track “Indian Summer.” This talented musician can create the best electronic music by merging pop and indie elements with dance rhythms. He actually started his way by creating remixes, and his well-known remix “Ease My Mind” became the official one. We highly recommend listening to the next tracks:

  • Hold On to Me (2018)
  • Dreams (2017)
  • Bomberman (2017)
  • Waiting For You (2017)

#3 CMC$

This is a famous and young Dutch DJ whose real name is Yael Nahar. His stage name can be deciphered as See Me Counting Stacks. His signature style is a great ability to create fantastic, easy, and smooth tracks. This talented guy graduated from Netherlands production school and started his career in 2012 with Martin Garrix. And here are some tracks we recommend:

  • Love Parade (2018)
  • Thinkin’ Bout Myself (2017)
  • Those Lights (2017)
  • Wake Up Call (2015)

#4 Shaun Frank

At the start of his career, Shaun was in a Canadian band Crowned King and later The Envy, but later when the last band broke up because of problems between its members, Frank started to create dance music on his own. This is an amazing artist who does almost everything! Shaun Frank writes his tunes and electronic songs, sings amazingly, he is also a talented producer who plays various instruments. Here are four tracks we recommend, but you can listen much more because his music is really amazing!

  • Tokyo Nights (2018)
  • Let You Get Away (2016)
  • No Future (2017)
  • Gold Wings (2018)

#5 Ekali

Ekali’s real name is Nathan Shaw. This is a very talented young artist who started to play the violin when he was 12 years old. From that time, a young guy loved experimentation with various sounds. Ekali was the first person from Canada that was accepted into Tokyo’s Red Bull Music Academy – the most prestigious college all over the world. This artist became popular very quickly, and he continues to attract the attention of many people. On his Twitter, he writes about himself: “I make music and travel the world playing it.” In 2018, Ekali is going to collaborate with Slander, don’t miss this! These are several wonderful tracks you have to listen:

  • Past Life (2017)
  • Babylon (2017)
  • Forever (2018)
  • Blame (2018)

We hope you like our recommendations for the most popular electronic music of 2018. Listen to tracks you have found in our article, and keep an eye on the most popular artists. There are no doubts, they will come up with more new and exciting tunes to attract a lot of fans and take a genre of electronic music to the newest level.