What So Not & GANZ Create the Speaker Rattling Jaunt “Lone”

“Lone” is an unbelievable track. What So Not and GANZ understand the idea of “tension and release” and why it is vital for successful songs.

With What So Not and GANZ‘s unbelievable production skills, and Joy.‘s haunting vocals, “Lone” rattles every speaker to the core.

What So Not & GANZ - Hello feat. Joy.
What So Not & GANZ – Hello feat. Joy.

Setting the tone in the beginning with soft synths, piano, and ambient sound pads, these elements allow Joy.‘s vocals to creep through the soundscape. Joy.‘s voice whispers through the speakers, as the accompaniment below begins to layer and build up.

What So Not and GANZ allow the track to organically layer to create the tension and allow the release for the drop to appear natural instead of a traditional dubstep build up.

When the drop happens, pray for your speakers.

What So Not
What So Not


Crushing bass lines and floored drums flush out the speakers while light flittering synths chime through in arpeggiated fashion to highlight the open space caused from the low end. The vocals disappear to allow the instrumental work to be highlighted. When What So Not and GANZ dip back into the singing section of Joy. again, they allow her to be the main focus.

This exchange continues again where JOY.‘s vocals on the bridge are carefully combined with the masterful instrumentation below. After the bridge section in “Lone”, What So Not, GANZ and Joy. are all combined together for a triumphant last minute.

Listen below to one of the most explosive tracks of the year; What So Not and GANZ “Lone” ft. JOY:

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