3 Best Remixes of The Chainsmokers: Illenium, Vincent & LZRD

The Chainsmokers are not only one of the biggest names in EDM but are arguably one of the most popular duos in the entire music industry. The duo consists of two young men by the names of Drew Taggert and Alex Paul who bursted onto the scene in 2014 when their song “Selfie” gained worldwide popularity and topped the charts in several countries.

The 2 men took full advantage of the popularity and over the course of the last 6 years have put nonstop dance hits that are constantly played by all your favorite DJs. Today, we are going dive into 3 of the best remixes of The Chainsmokers songs and see what creative spin some other artists were able to put on their music. 

The first song is Illenium’s remix of “Don’t Let Me Down” that dropped in early 2016. This song was huge in helping increase his popularity and has an relentless 480 million views on YouTube alone then another 123 on SoundCloud. The song is so true to the style we have come to know and love with Illenium with smooth melodic sounds and bass-heavy drops.

The second song is T-mass LZRD remix of “New York City”  that also came out 2016. This song is not as mainstream as the one above but creatively can hold its own. The song has a long heavy buildup that holds your attention with an equally insane drop that would have anyone dancing. Take a listen below.

The final song is Vincent’s remix of “Paris” that was released in March 2017. “Paris” was an absolutely massive hit for The Chainsmokers and you could almost guarantee that you would hear it at every bar you would walk into in 2017. Vincent put a unique spin on already great song and it gives it a new feel entirely.

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