How to Stay Warm While Attending a Winter Music Festival?

You’re probably used to going to music festivals in the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean that the colder parts of the year are a bad time to get out and go to a music festival. There is still a decent amount of music festivals out there that run during the wintertime. 

However, while summer festivals are all about keeping cool and staying hydrated, winter festivals are all about keeping warm (and also staying hydrated). Here are some tips for you to use if you want to stay warm, comfortable, and safe while attending a winter music festival.

Don’t Assume You Won’t Need Layers

Sure, you’re probably going to be dancing your butt off the whole day at a music festival and working up a sweat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring anything to keep the cold at bay. 

You’re still going to be spending a long time in sub-zero temperatures, and it’s better to be wearing too many layers of clothing rather than too few when it comes to being safe during the winter.

That’s not to say you have to keep all of your layers on at all times. If you’re feeling really hot and sweaty, feel free to take off your hat, gloves, and even your coat, but don’t immediately remove all of your winter gear.

Be Mindful of Your Body Temperature 

Speaking of sweat, you definitely shouldn’t use being sweaty as a reason to remove too many layers. It may be uncomfortable but sweat is how your body self-regulates its temperature. 

When sweat evaporates from your skin, it’s helping your body dissipate heat, but losing too much heat at once is obviously not a good thing, so don’t be too quick to get rid of a whole bunch of layers once you start sweating.

Basically, you’re going to be feeling hot and cold in equal measure during a winter music festival since you’ll be heating up due to all the physical activity and then cooling down again whenever you take a break or temporarily remove a layer. 

But doing your best to keep your body temperature as stable as possible throughout the festival will help you feel better overall and lessen the chance that you’ll feel sick afterward.

Bring Proper Footwear, Meaning Boots

The fact of the matter is, you need to wear decent winter boots at a winter music festival. True, boots aren’t all that easy to dance in, but what’s worse; having some heavy feet while dancing at a music festival or getting frostbite? 

Seriously, anything less than sturdy, waterproof boots and warm winter socks just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to be spending most of the day on your feet, walking around on cold, potentially wet snow; you need to bring suitable footwear, or you’re going to be miserable, plain and simple.

It can be hard to find the right pair of boots for your needs, however, so we suggest checking out this guide on how to choose a good pair of winter boots, and if you’re actively looking for new boots to purchase, you can find plenty of excellent ones here

Bring a Double-Walled Thermos

It’s great to bring plenty of layers to keep the cold out but bringing along a hot drink like coffee or tea is also an excellent way to keep a heat source with you. It can also be a perfect way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day; remember, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t become dehydrated if you sweat too much.

Using a double-walled insulated thermos is a great way to ensure that any hot drinks you bring with you will stay hot for hours on end.

Use the Rest Areas Provided

Any winter festival is going to have some heated rest areas, so don’t be hesitant to take advantage of them whenever you need to. 

Of course, you don’t want to spend all day in the rest area and miss out on the rest of the festival, but you can’t neglect your personal wellbeing at any music festival; if your fingers, toes, or other extremities are starting to feel a bit numb, it’s probably time to take a break.

Bring Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are an excellent means of keeping you toasty warm even in the coldest conditions. These warmers contain iron, water, salt, wood fiber, and activated charcoal, and to make them work, you simply remove them from their package. The exposure to air causes the iron to rapidly oxidize, which generates heat.

You can put hand warmers pretty much anywhere you need extra heat, including gloves, boots, and inside pockets. You can never have too many hand warmers, so bring as many as you can carry!

Stick Close to Your Friends

It’s a given that at a music festival you’re going to spend a lot of time right up close with all your friends. But in the winter, this has an added benefit; sticking close together keeps everyone warmer for longer.

That’s about all of the tips we have for you today. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the music! 

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