2TALLIN’ Celebrates Love with Latest Release, ‘Next To Me’

2TALLIN’ was started by Travis Huff (6’8) after discovering his passion for producing and performing music that was different. He brings back the old school roots, but with futuristic new school vibes. The end result is music that pushes all genres. This time he creates an EDM love song. 

2TALLIN’s latest release, ‘Next To Me’ warms you up with electro pop elements.

This song was written about proposing to your loved one, mixed with the celebration of love! The lyrics are passionate and vulnerable, as 2TALLIN’ spills his heart out for this record. The track is boosted by smooth and powerful notes. Once, the melodic drop hits you will be swept away into this love song.

People always ask, why 2TALLIN’?

The name was developed from my unmistakable height. People always are saying you’re so tall?? Do you play in the NBA? So therefore….2TALLIN’ captures my most recognizable asset. My on-going goal is to take money profited from our music and give it directly back to empower future generations of musicians with instruments, recording time, songwriting, and promoting their music. -Travis Huff

2TALLIN’ has been licensed into ABC Television, QuickSilver, Akami, and Billabong. Currently he is working with agencies (Playup Music, ADM) to license his music.; but he is always looking for more partnership and exposure opportunities. Keep up with his latest and reach out to him if you want to collaborate through his social media handles linked below. 

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