20 of the Best Recent Releases by Colorado Based Artists

Colorado’s music and art has largely shaped the state’s culture. The nature-centric outdoor venues, like Red Rocks and Mishawaka, gives their scene a vibrant outdoor venues, while numerous convention centers and clubs leave plenty of places to enjoy the winter. Denver is a dream destination for anyone who enjoys live music or artists looking to grow.

Some major artists that grew their electronic music careers in Colorado are Pretty LightsIllenium, Big GiganticBear Grillz and Sunsquabi. At the moment there a lot of artists catching wind that we feel obliged to share with you.

Enjoy 20 of the best recent releases by Colorado based electronic music artists.

Red Rocks Colorado photo credit SunSquabi

Colorado Selects Spring 2018: 

Maddy O’ Neal & Bass Physics – “Self Equity”

Female electronic artist, Maddy O’Neal, teamed up with rising producer Bass Physics for a one of a kind collaboration. The melodic bass that Bass Physics is notorious for is the ideal match for Maddy O’Neil’s classic edgy creativity. Vocals featured by Knowledge Thyself was the finishing touch that makes this track complete. “Self Equity” is the first of what we hope will be many collaborations between Bass Physics and Maddy O’Neal.

Next, enjoy the jamtornica Boulder raised band, Sunsquabi‘s latest release ‘Caterpillar’, the first stage of a 3-part series. The band has been focusing on Biology and evolution as themes for inspiration during their writing process. Check it out.

Within this collection of selects you will find a bunch of music from The Mile High Sound Movement.

Featuring artists like DYNOHUNTERLucid VisionUnfold Music, DMVUKruza Kid and kLL sMTH you will discover that the MHSM delivers a full spectrum of sound. Within the last month, Lucid Vision outdid himself with a 4 track EP known as Against The Odds. “Be Silent” is a uniquely produced track that incorporates a subtle amount of complexities. The rise and build ups throughout the song have a delicate yet noticeable rhythm that only adds to the EP’s reputation.

Lucid Vision – “Be Silent” (Free Download)

kLL sMTH – “slrk n’ wbbl’

Moving toward the slurky side of things, kLL sMTH gets us wiggling hard with this one.  kLL sMTH is creating a new wave of sound that could be called glitch and experimental bass music. He has been creating a lot of buzz lately, make sure to catch him getting it at Bloom.

Templo ‘Jungle Proof’ (Free Download)

Next, plug into Templo‘s drippy tribal track, ‘Jungle Proof’ that is available as a free download. This single speaks to the strong connection between the tribal and electronic music culture as heavy bass and drip hop build the cadence for tribal chants.

Now tech-house trio, DYNOHUNTER, with their record ‘Footprints’ freshly out of the studio.

These guys standout by bringing the much appreciated house and techno touch to the CO scene. Find them along their Paradise Nocturno Tour this summer and keep your eye for their EP coming out June 12th.

Option4 – “Back2Business”:

Option4 has been a dominant force in the house music world for as long as we can remember.

The newly released single “Back2Business” is a raw heart thumping work of art. The panning of the music more than halfway through the track are one of the many details that adds to the uniqueness of this particular project. Also, check out is single ‘Lifeline‘.

Freddy Rule – “House Music With Bass”

Voted as the 2nd best DJ in Colorado by Electronic Colorado, Freddy Rule is on a steady mission to take over as a major bass house producer.

Heavily influenced by the DirtyBird and Nightbass labels, Rule describes his style as house music with bass. Wise enough he made that the name of one of his most prized songs, “House Music With Bass”.

VibeSquaD- “Homestretch”

Always laying down a fun groove to dance to, is VibeSquaD who just released his Bass Lovers Forever album. To give you a taste of what the album has in store, enjoy the first single ‘Homestretch’. Don’t be sleeping during his set a Bloom.

Vinja – ‘P.T.N.O.T.T.’ (Free Download)

Hailing from the valley of Steamboat Springs Colorado, Vinja is a master of mid-tempo electro. Released through experimental music label Wormhole Music Group, “Gamma Ray” is the perfect ode to Colorado’s sound profile. The track is a flawless example of old school funk with a pure electronic influence. You will hear Vinja’s trademark scratching skills towards the end.

brothel. “All I Wanted” remix 

With elements of future trap sprinkled into complex compositions, there’s no wonder why brothel. has such a dedicated following that’s only growing in numbers. Pick up this cut as a free download.

Kruza Kid Prod. by DMVU – “Growing Up”

It’s no secret that hip-hop and electronic music are like Forest Gump and Bubba.

Kruza Kid is an artists that knows how to blend the combination well. His unique style and passionate lyrics have catapulted his success towards a positive trajectory. Kruza Kid and Denver based producer DMVU have prepared another hip-hop infused gem called, “Growing Up”. While the lyrics are deep, the music behind them delivers a feel good vibe.

Late Night Radio FT. Kevin Donohue & Chris Clark– “Right Time”

Late Night Radio recently got together with Sunsquabi guitarist Kevin Donohue and multi-talented member of DYNOHUNTER Chris Clark. This song has been on our frequent playlist since its release off Big Beats Records earlier this year. The impressive guitar solo by Donohue and soulful sax addition from Clark puts the proverbial cherry on top.

Krushendo- “Star Dust” (Free Download)

“Start Dust” was Krushendo‘s submission for The Untz producer challenge.

Every year The Untz team throws a contest where two winning producers will be sent to take the stage at seven different music festivals over the span of four months. While Krushendo did make it into the final selection, unfortunately he fell short in comparison. “Star Dust” is still a big accomplishment. The song as a whole is more melodic with a Zelda sample utilized during the drop.

Evenoff remix Illenium’s ‘Crawl Outta Love’ (Free Download)

After meeting with the jamtronica trio Evanoff at Sonic Bloom last summer, we have been keeping them on our radar. Recently they have melded an Illenium single ‘Crawl Outta Love’ with their signature deep melodies, to really dig to your core. Available as a free download.

Unfold Music – “Follow-up”

Unfold Music made an abrupt appearance in the Colorado scene back in 2014. Since then he’s climbed the ropes with some of Colorado’s best talent. His most recent released single “Follow-Up” has been making major noise amongst their local music scene. One thing that sticks out on this track is the deep bass line that packs a steady punch throughout. You can catch Unfold Music at Sonic Bloom.

Plurthlings EDC Las Vegas Mix Submission: 

Finding their way at the top of The Untz contest was the high energy duo Plurthlings. These guys embody the spirit of electronic music, making it easy to fall in love with them. Their single ‘Soul Contracts’ helped them earn 2nd in the contest but garnered a lot of attention. Keep an eye of these guys to see what bills they end up on next year.

The Magic Beans- ‘Here On Out’

This list would not be complete without at least one jam band. To represent the healthy Colorado jam band scene we have to present, The Magic Beans. They have made their way into our hearts ever since their coffee shop sets in Boulder and for falling in perfectly between electronic music sets at festivals. They just released a wet jam titled ‘Here On Out’ that is easy to appreciate. This summer they have slots at big events like Camp Bisco and are booked all across the country.

ProJect Aspect ‘Heat Seater’

To polish off our favorite recent releases out of Colorado, we have to present to you ProJect Aspect‘s latest single ‘Heat Seater’. Our love runs deeps for the unforgettable for his mind blogging and stimulating music and live performances of ProJect Aspect.

We hope you have gained a deeper sense of what the Colorado electronic music scene has to offer. Of course all the big names coming through Colorado every weekend, but these local artists give the scene it’s unique fingerprint. With how rich the Colorado music community is, we look forward to presenting to you what comes out this summer.