10 Intimate Electronic Tracks to Set the Mood

10 Songs to Set the Mood
These 10 tracks will have you burning up the bedroom in no time. Photo – Mt Eden Official – Facebook.

Have you ever wished that your life had its own soundtrack like in the movies? We could all use a song here or there to make whatever we’re doing that much more amazing.

There’s one time, especially, when a song can make it or break it for you… in the sack.

Even without music, there’s a lot that can affect what goes down between the sheets.

From how hot or cold it is, to where you are located, and even what the lighting is like – everything can change the experience. With all of these different factors, music is an easy way to lock it down.

Whether you’re with someone you love, somebody you just met, or even flying solo… these 10 songs are sure to set the right mood.

1. Ott. – One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time

To get things started, nice and slow.

2. Turbo Suit ft. Joe Hettinga & Marcus Rezak – Wake Up

This jazzy, electronic beat might get things a little dirty.

3. Random Rab – Lace

This song makes those hips want to move.

4. Zeb – Nafas

This otherworldly tune has a hypnotic rhythm.

5. Thievery Corporation – All That We Perceive

Let this sweet, siren song do all the work.

6. Blackmill – Embrace

Just as the title of this song suggests, embrace someone.

7. Flume ft. Jezzabell Doran – Sleepless

To keep the momentum going…

8. Mt. Eden – Oh That I Had

This whomping bass really makes you feel things.

9. Rae & Christian ft. Bobby Womack – Get A Life

This soulful song gets things movin’ and groovin’.

10.  ft. Soundmouse – Afterglow

This deep bass leaves you basking in the afterglow.

And there you have it, the soundtrack to your escapades!

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