ZIZI on Transformative Release ‘Suicide Love Song VIP’, Rave Culture and Life

Grabbing ahold of listeners with timeless dark undertones and the spirit of dance music is the Los Angeles producer, ZIZI through his recent cut ‘Suicide Love Song’ and VIP for Railbreakers.  The original is built on ominous vibes, suspending breaks and hard-hitting bass to resonate with the masses.  The VIP takes on a whole new life, raining in Infected Mushroom and Daft Punk energies before going on a trap tear.

ZIZI on his inspiration for ‘Suicide Love Song VIP’, “This is the VIP for one of my favorite releases, it pays homage to the original while bringing a newer, heavy and funky/groovy tone and retaining the fun melodic vibe. The track was a condensed version of a full song I had to write as part of a final exam for my Songwriting class while I was attending Icon Collective.

It was my best work in the Songwriting courses there since I pulled inspiration from a personal struggle I was overcoming towards the end of the program related to addiction/substance abuse. It was a turning point in my life and marked the beginning of a newfound inner strength that has since kept me focused on music and allowed for better self-care in the long run.  ‘Suicide Love Song’ took lyrics from the song I made for class and just spun it into a more love-oriented version since I was no longer in the same place I was when writing the lyrics originally, and since it was slated for a Valentine’s Day compilation, I chose to make it about rejection, something a vast majority of people can relate to but don’t tend to talk about it with others.”

Throughout ZIZI’s discography over the last year you will get to sample tracks that landed on some of the best bass music labels such as Subsidia, Gridlock Records and Bassweight Records as well as collaborations with Chassi, LYNX and MIKESH!FT.  ZIZI has been after a unique vibe that ventures into melodic and future riddim, trap, experimental, melodic and future bass and dubstep while nodding to artists that have inspired him like SvddenDeath, Oolacile and Funtcase.

As you read our interview give his records a listen and pick up the many that are available as a free download.

What have been some of your favorite moments on stage? 

My most memorable moments on stage so far has been during a b2b w/my good friend Chassi when we played direct support for Oolacile at his Huntington Beach show Jan 2020, and during my solo set at the green elephant for Grimefest Zion. 

What are a few things you have learned about music production or music theory over the past year? 

I’ve learned a lot thanks to Infekt, whom I had monthly lessons with via zoom as part of his patron membership perks.  The most notable things off the top of my head would be band splitting distortion on sub bass to preserve the low rumble, using limiters or clippers more effectively, and sound design within Vital (Spectral Synthesizer). 

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of electronic music?  

1) Leotrix – Hive Bounce 

2) Porter Robinson – Dullscythe

3) Flume & Eprom – Spring 

4) Moore Kismet – Flair

5) Svdden Death & Aweminus – Mr. Muscles

If your moniker was the last thing you eat followed by your favorite word, what would it be? 

Bacon eggs & potatoes bitch 

Top 3 favorite shows or festivals you have attended? 


  1. Lost Lands 2017 & 2019
  2. Bassrush Massive 2018
  3. Okeechobee Fest 2018


  1. Disciple Takeover @ Palladium
  2. Global Dub 2017 @ Red Rocks  
  3. Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Tour

What are some party brands and venues you like to support? 

Space Yacht, Space Yacht, Space Yacht!! 

Do you have any theories about the future? 

Depends. The future of what? If you mean our future as a planet, the short answer would be that unless we discover a means for intergalactic space travel, we will either kill this planet or it will kill us as part of a culmination in the cycle of climate change and preserving the earth that has always provided for us from the start. 

What is one message you have for the masses? 

You are in control of your destiny. You can manifest anything you set your mind on and put the necessary work into and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The mind is our most powerful asset. 



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