The 3 Most Popular Hair Extension Methods – which one to choose?

Who wouldn’t want beautiful long hair? Unfortunately, growing and caring for your hair is usually time-consuming and not always the desired result. The solution is for those who don’t have the time or patience to grow their own hair. But how do you find your way through the maze of different methods and which is the best? Today, we are going to describe some of the most commonly used methods of hair extensions and try to find the best one.

Quick and easy – the clip-in method

The easiest method, which can be done very quickly, is the clip-in method. There are even special kits, which you can apply yourself at home. The disadvantage is that clip-ins are temporary and it is difficult to give your hair a natural look. Do-it-yourself attachments are unfortunately visible and it is almost impossible to hide the seams. This method is based on the use of hair bands, which are attached with clips. No glue is used, but the clips can damage the natural hair. Moreover, the hair on the clips is usually of low quality and often the final result is not satisfactory.

Microring Hair Extensions – spectacular effect and professional finish

The microring hair extension method requires much more skill than clip-in and therefore can only be done at a professional hair salon. Hair is attached in strands with small rings made of different materials. This method uses natural hair, which you can buy at: The rings can be made of copper, aluminium or silicone. However, silicone rings are the most commonly chosen because of their durability and texture, which reduces the risk of the hair sliding and slipping off. With proper care, hair extensions can last up to six months if professionally applied. However, the procedure requires touch-ups due to regrowth. The disadvantage of this method is that the rings can be felt by touch, which may bother some people, but if you know how to care about them, the method may be best for you.

Keratin hair extensions – let the sunshine in your hair

This method uses keratin hair strands that are welded into your natural hairstyle. Keratin hair extensions, therefore, require high temperatures and are relatively expensive. The effect is however quite permanent and lasts about 3-4 months. Every so often the treatment needs to be repeated, as the extensions recede due to the growth of natural hair. Keratin hair also needs special care on a daily basis, so this method requires the client to really know how to take care of the hair properly after the treatment. However, keratin can cause allergies, so make sure you are not allergic so the method doesn’t harm you.