Zeds Dead’s Northern Lights Remixes EP is Built of Dubstep Bangers

Last fall, Zeds Dead blew us all away with the release of their album Northern Lights via Caroline Records. Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan, also known as DC and Hooks, took collaboration to a whole new level featuring names as big as Diplo, Twin Shadow, and Dragonette on their album.

Eight months later, the twosome released Northern Lights Remixes via Deadbeats Records. This passionate, dubstep-driven duo continues to prove their originality and loyalty to the EDM scene.

Zeds Dead Remixes EP features Delta Heavy, Bear Grillz, DNMO, Auralponic, Ganja White Night, CRI, and UFO Project.

Colorado-based artist, Bear Grillz, remixed ‘Symphony‘ featuring British singer, Charlotte OC.

Bear Grillz, is one of Firepower Records best selling artists originally from the forests of Yosemite, California. If you did not recognize his name before, you will certainly notice his appearance now on a stage near you. Bear Grillz is a true inspiration and dance music collaborator.

There was once a time where everyone doubted and hated what I was trying to accomplish – some still do. I didn’t listen, just kept my mouth shut, and on my own path. After over 4 years, we just sold out most of the biggest venues across The U.S. I am not trying to gloat here, but the moral of the story is do what feels right in your heart. Only you know what you truly want and what you truly can accomplish. I am just an example of perseverance and hard work. You can do it too! Now all these people trying to come back into my life now that I’m successful… and I’m like swerve.- Bear Grillz

bear grillz festival
Photo via Bear Grillz Facebook

Bear Grillz ‘Symphony remix is a Dubstep banger.

Recently released on June 9, 2017, this track will have you moving while singing along to Charlotte OC‘s alluring vocals. As the lyrics ring:

Like ice cream on a burning hot pavement waiting
For you to scoop me up and pour me down
I’ve been spending all my nights with the demons lately
They have me howling your name, howling out

I’m playing it slow, I’ll play it sweet
I’m pulling you close under my feet
Now your heart is my symphony…

Listen Bear Grillz’s remix of Zed Dead’s ‘Symphony’ below:

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