You’ll Get the Shivers from StéLouse’s Electro Soul ‘Shivers N Gold’

Originating from Denver, Colorado, dance and electronic chameleon, StéLouse (pronounced stay loose), has us fawning over his latest sound. His 2017 single, ‘Shivers N Gold‘, is lush, mesmerizing and refreshingly different.

StéLouse incorporates resonating piano and light guitar plucks to ignite a cool fire in this tranquilizing electro soul melody.

19-year-old musician Mascolo’s heavenly and enticing vocals serve as the angelic backbone over an electronic beat. The song becomes layered with a thick bass as SteLouse tinkers with infatuating vocal levels and electronically manipulated sounds. The soulful chorus will have you singing along and playing this smooth track on repeat.

StéLouse ‘Shivers N Gold’ ft. Mascolo

Off the strength of his inimitable style, he inked a deal with Casablanca Records in early 2016. His single, ‘It’s Over’, initially took his electronic music career to the next level. You can find StéLouse Larimer Lounge in Denver, his residency.

Chill out and stay loose with StéLouse’s electro soul ‘Shivers N Gold’ and check out the brilliant choreography in the music video below:

Inspired by everything from Metallica, Tool, and Pantera to AFI and The Prodigy, the long-haired electronic music maverick actually began his career playing guitar in rock bands, slogging it out on the road and developing a keen musical sensibility. Now StéLouse is off defying genres.

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