X-Change’s Shamelessly Enthusiastic Track ‘Leaving You’ Is The New Festival Anthem

Native Detroit DJ and Producer, X-Change, just released the next festival anthem, ‘Leaving You (In The End)’. The track features singer and songwriter, Kylie Odetta, and spews palpable energy. We can sense X-Change‘s aspirations of owning the mainstage during a festival while writing this catchy track.

‘Leaving You’ is a high-energy festival anthem with empowering vocals and a beat that will elevate you to a euphoric plane of existence.

The track lures you in with a gentle and soulful piano melody accompanied by angelic vocals from Kylie. As the track delicately builds, fierce and uplifting synths gain tempo to free your mind and compel you to move.

X-Change 'Leaving You (In The End)' Ft. Kylie Odetta
X-Change ‘Leaving You (In The End)’ Ft. Kylie Odetta

The message of leaving someone is properly projected through the vibe of the track, especially when the heavy hitting beat drops out to open up to soothing vocals, as if going through the intensity of breaking up with someone then when it’s over feeling a huge sense of relief.

Listen to and download X-Change’s ‘Leaving You (In The End)’ Ft. Kylie Odetta below: 

This makes for the second time Paul Mattis aka X-Change has collaborated with Kylie Odetta to create a successful dance track. Last year they created ‘Weight of Your Love’ that warmed the ears of over 200,000 people on Spotify. Make sure to listen to and download ‘Weight of Your Love’ by clicking here. X-Change found Kylie because of her success within the indie scene. Her original music is jazzy with a strong emphasis in pop.

Here is what X-Change has to say about working with Kylie and their new release ‘Leaving You’:

Working with Kylie was just effortless once we got into the studio. I felt like we really understood each other musically and she’s an amazing singer. I wanted to create an EDM song that would lift people up when they heard it and hopefully elevate their mood. It’s truly an honor having people like Hardwell support my music and I’m hoping ‘Leaving You’ becomes a summer anthem on the 2017 festival circuit!

X-Change AKA Paul Mattis
Paul Mattis aka X-Change  

Paul Mattis started his music career after getting his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and working for General Motors. His technical education served him well with his transition to follow his passion to create music.

With a burning love for music driving him, he started performing in San Francisco and New York, eventually landing a career changing slot of the Detroit’s beloved Movement lineup.

X-Change AKA Paul Mattis
Paul Mattis aka X-Change 

Now, X-Change is producing music out of Los Angeles. You can keep up with him on his iTunes podcast ‘X-Change Theory Radio‘. 2017 is bound to be a successful year with 2016 being a breakout year for him.

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