Global Expansion Plans for The BPM Festival Set for Brazil and Europe in 2017

This month, The BPM Festival celebrated its ten-year anniversary, starting with a ten day showcase of the best talent in the underground dance scene in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

With another successful run of festivities under their belt, The BPM brand announces plans to expand globally, with stops in Brazil and Portugal in 2017.

Renato Ratier at Warung Stage at The BPM Festival’s Ya’ah Muul Party on January 7, 2017 | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage for

About The BPM Festival:  

Co-Founders Craig Pettigrew and Phillip Pulitano teamed up back in 2008 for the first BPM Festival held in scenic Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The acronym stands for ‘Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians’, a fitting name at the time, as BPM was about gathering industry professionals across the board in one place.

Now boasting 70,000+ devout attendees, The BPM Festival has become a bucket list destination for all underground dance music lovers.

BPM Sunrise: Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage for

Held across multiple venues from afternoon until early morning, The BPM Festival is a non-stop celebration of unique artistry.

Watch the BPM movie trailer below to get a quick overview of the experience:

With a reputation for being the best in the dance music realm, The BPM Festival has been named best ‘International Festival’ (DJ Awards, 2013), receiving three consecutive nominations for ‘Best Music Event’ (International Dance Music Awards), and winning ‘Best Festival’ in 2015 (EMPO Awards). This year marks The BPM brand’s first expansion plans, dipping into the global pools with event additions set to take place in Brazil and Portugal.

The BPM Festival: Brazil 2017

Following this year’s overall success of The BPM Festival in Mexico, the brand will descend upon Brazil the weekend of April 28 – May 1st of 2017. BPM Brazil will be held in multiple destinations including Praia Brava, Itajai, and Balaneário Camboriú – with the help of Brazilian partner, Gustavo Conti.

The BPM Festival Brazil 2017
The BPM Festival Brazil 2017

The BPM Festival: Portugal 2017

Additionally, BPM will make its way to Europe for The BPM Festival: Portugal in September. Official dates have not yet been announced, but the fest, in partnership with Will Gregory, will undoubtedly be groundbreaking. Details will be announced in the upcoming months, so stay tuned.

Since its inaugural year, Co-Founders and Directors Craig Pettigrew and Phillip Pulitano have watched the simple idea of throwing a dance party in paradise spread like wildfire.

Unknowingly, The BPM Festival’s annual occurrence sparked growth and development of the dance music scene in Mexico.

The BPM Festival Portugal 2017
The BPM Festival Portugal 2017
The BPM Festival Global Team | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage for
(left to right: Gustavo Conti/Brazil Partner, Will Gregory/Portugal Partner, Ralf Madi/BPM Director, Craig Pettigrew/BPM Co-Founder & Director, Phillip Pulitano/BPM Co-Founder & Director, Vito Tomasicchio/BPM Director)

Reflecting on their influential roles over the past decade, and looking ahead to BPM’s expansion, the Co-Founders see big things going forward.

BPM’s organic growth over the last 10 years speaks to the integrity of the artists and the music that we present. We’re proud to have launched a dozen plus DJ careers and be a stand out platform for quality underground music. We are looking forward to expanding our vision and festival family aesthetic to Brazil and Portugal. – Craig Pettigrew (BPM Co-Founder)

BPM Co-Found Phillip Pulitano also chipped in:

After 10 years of honing our craft, we’re ready to take our grand show on the road. We hope to continue our commitment to diverse and forward-thinking lineups and expand to new territories…

The expansion of the BPM Festival opens up new opportunities for attendees to experience a brand new festival in an unknown exotic territory. What could be a more revitalizing experience for an electronic music enthusiast than that? See you there.

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