Artist Spotlight: Wylde Talks JUICE WRLD and Youngblood Dance Music Edits and More

Time to plug into Wylde‘s right selection of JUICE WRLD, Youngblood, and Mariah Carey electronic music remixes and club-ready originals. The Atlanta-based DJ and producer is punching up hits such as ‘Up Up and Away’, ‘5 Seconds of Summer’, and ‘We Belong Together’ with big dance music beats, while his debut originals range from dancehall, funk to soul.

Wylde’s music falls under the type that you involuntarily turn up, put both earphones in or lose yourself on the dance floor while listening.


Appreciating Wylde’s sound we reached out for an interview to discover more about his story, influences, hardstyle mix, ambitions, select anthemic ballads, and the Atlanta electronic music scene.

How long have you been producing?  How has your style developed over time? 

I’ve always played music and writing songs since high school, but I didn’t take it seriously until about 2017-2018. So I have been producing for about 4-5 years now. I feel like my style is still developing every day. I discover new things about myself and music all the time and I carry that into my production. 

I am loving your Youngblood, Mariah Carey and JUICE WRLD remixes, hip-hop and R&B mixed with dance music are up there with favorite combinations in the world.  Do you have any more releases or unreleased tracks in that vein?  When is the next release?

I was inspired by many genres before I came across electronic music, and I love to incorporate those influences more into dance tracks. I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing another remix in that vein, but just know one is in the works. 

Appreciating how you are picking up to hardstyle in your DJ mixes lately and still working on a refined selection of hip-hop and resonating song, what elements of hardstyle do you enjoy playing with?  

I enjoy all aspects of electronic music, and I’m thinking of incorporating other sub-genres such as DnB and hardstyle in my mixes. I’d like to explore these sounds and open up my variety of track selections when it comes to DJing.

Can you tell us about your music journey so far?  Where do you live, where were you raised?  What is your local scene like?  Favorite events, festivals, record labels, or party brands?  

My music journey so far has been really just breaking out of my self-doubt and finding myself and where I belong in this scene. I was born and raised in Michigan for half my life and then my family and I moved to Georgia. During this time growing up in GA, this is where I would meet my lifelong friends and where I first got introduced to electronic music where they took me to raves and festivals.

The local scene here in Atlanta loves all styles of music but they especially embrace trap and hip-hop. My favorite events would have to be Shaky Beats and Imagine Festival here in ATL just because of their distance to me, but what really inspired me was when I went to EDC Las Vegas for the first time.

What have been your favorite moments as a producer/DJ? 

My favorite moment would have to be the feeling of being in the zone when I’m producing a new song and being able to honestly express myself. My other favorite moment was playing some my remixes at a venue and seeing everyone connect and feel that vibe to the song I made. Both of these feelings to me are very rewarding and are what push me to keep going. 

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of dance music? 

I wouldn’t say these are the forefront of all of dance music but 5 tracks that I just love and I find that really stands out to me personally would have to be the anthemic ballads that everyone can sing along or hum too such as: Skrillex – Cinema, Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop, Avicii – Levels, Calvin Harris – Summer, Alesso – If I Lose Myself.

What is the first song you would drop at a festival’s mainstage? 

The first song I would drop at a festival if I was to ever play one some day would have to be something I’d produce, remix, edit or mashup. I would wanna show my ideas translated into a set and really make it my own.

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