Why Insomniac Defines Dance Music Culture in the United States

Electric Daisy Carnival
Photo – Jake West Photo.

If there was ever any doubt (which there wasn’t) that Insomniac reigned supreme in realm of electronic dance music, that has since been laid to rest, especially after the 5th annual Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando.

After 20 years in the game, Insomniac proved once again why they are the pinnacle of dance music culture in the United States.

Over 65,000 attendees joined together in Orlando, Florida on November 6th and 7th, EDC to witness performances by Bassnectar, Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Eric Prydz, Excision, Justin Martin, and dozens more of the biggest names in dance music.

EDC Orlando
Andy C tearing it down. Photo – Jake West Photo.

Setting the standard for EDM festival experiences, EDC Orlando can be viewed as a microcosm for Insomniac as a whole. Combining monster performances from each of the 50+ musicians with incredible stage designs, nearly 100 costumed performers, a zip line, and more, EDC created an all-encompassing experience for attendees to tap into.

Having thrown more than 250 festivals and dance music-related events throughout the United States and internationally, Insomniac has provided the platform for more than 4 million attendees to fall in love, laugh until they cry, and harness the overwhelming energy of happiness and positivity while encountering the best moments of their lives.

Curation of Culture

Photo – aLIVE Coverage.

When you step back and look at the platform that has been laid out, it is really quite incredible. Insomniac creates the most well organized, authentic, and peaceful mass gatherings focused ostensibly on getting rowdy and partying. Though EDC is a massive group of dance music fanatics rearing to rage it up on the dance floor, it goes much deeper than that.

It’s a celebration of life, of love, and of dance music.

Music is the conduit through which to share a common bond and establish lifelong connections. Insomniac gets it, plain and simple. This event company executes the vision of CEO & Founder Pasquale Rotella, who understands the intrinsic passion that people have for dance music, having lived it himself since he was struggling to promote underground raves in Southern California.

Pristine Attention to Detail

EDC Orlando
Photo – Adinayev.

Insomniac consistently sets the golden standard for a well-oiled production with an emphasis on guest experience. Ranging from ample free water stations and chill out zones to set times that rarely overlap, EDC provides patrons with the best festival experience money can buy.

Examples: Shuttles to and from EDC Las Vegas, almost nonexistent lines for food or bathrooms, and on-site medical teams.

Monumental Scope and Size

Photo - aLIVE Coverage.
Photo – aLIVE Coverage.

Whether you’re judging by the number of attendees, size of the lineup, number of attractions, or sheer number of events, Insomniac takes the cake when it comes to throwing the biggest EDM events in the United States. Producing events and festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Nocturnal Wonderland while simultaneously expanding to international markets, Insomniac only continues to grow as they continue their quest for dance music glory.

Unprecedented Authenticity

Photo - Jake West Photo.
Photo – Jake West Photo.

Insomniac and its staff aren’t newcomers to the dance music scene and they’re not capitalizing on the recent explosion of electronic music. They’ve been throwing events and parties for longer than many of the attendees have been alive. They’re in it for the love of the music and the ability to share one of the world’s wonders (music!) with people, and that’s beautiful.

As long as Insomniac continues to provide our community with authentic experiences, you can bet that you will find us out there dancing.

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