What Makes Sonic Bloom a Transformational Music Festival?

Simply put, Sonic Bloom is a transformation music festival because of the mind expanding music and workshops, sustainability initiations, love-driven culture and for reason that you can only realize once on Hummingbird Ranch.

Another major way Sonic Bloom exemplifies the essence of a transformational music festival is by providing the Academy, a 3-day educational intensive experience prior to the official gathering. On June 10th-13th take advantage of the life changing opportunity of participating in either a Visionary Art Series or an Ableton Live Master Series.

Journey through the realms of artistic expression with master visionary artists Morgan Mandala and Randal Roberts.

Sonic Bloom Academy

No matter your skill level, Morgan and Randal will revamp everything you thought you knew about painting with their ground up approach. Through modern and ancient materials they will teach you the hidden patterns underlying creating- from primordial chaos to refined control. Enroll now.

By teaching the relationship between nature and pure imagination, you will be transformed into an artist that understands a deeper reality.

photo credit Sonic Bloom Academy

For established or brand new producers, fine tune your production style with Issac Cotec at the Ableton Live Music Production Academy.

Sonic Bloom Academy

Issac Cotec aka Subaqueous, a certified Ableton Live Instructor, will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make your creations live-performance ready. In addition, during the Ableton Breakthrough Course you will gain access to a massive collection of Samples and Live Packs as well as 21 hours of personalized instruction. Sign up here.

Desert Hearts @ Sonic Bloom 2017 photo credit Sonic Bloom
photo credit Sonic Bloom

Along with the lessons, Sonic Bloom Academy participates will be served organic meals, have access to premium, shady creekside camping and have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

photo credit Sonic Bloom

The relationships you will develop during these 3-days of intensive learning will pay dividends. You will initially discover the benefits of your new connections when wherever you roam during Sonic Bloom you will have friends in the crowd to start a dance party with.

Sonic Bloom 2016 photo credit Lindsay Rebecca Photography
photo credit Sonic Bloom
photo credit Sonic Bloom
photo credit Sonic Bloom

Learn more about what make Sonic Bloom transformational and The Unified Field, the overarching concept of the festival, by reading our exclusive interview with the curator himself, Jamie Janover.

Pick up your pass for this year and stay tune for phase 2 of the lineup coming soon… 

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