Wax Motif Brings New Vision to Dance Music With Label Launch

Bass house champs Wax Motif and Matroda join forces for their massive G-house tune “Lose Control” via Wax Motif’s label Divided Souls. The track samples the original vocal: “music makes you lose control” from Missy Elliot’s 2005 booty bouncing hit. 

Wax Motif

This dynamic duo pushes the boundaries of bass, experimental, and techno to create something entirely unique for house lovers. Nothing like innovative rhythms, a heavy bassline, and a splash of nostalgia to elevate the dancefloor. 


Wax Motif’s new label ‘Divided Souls’ is the beginning of a new chapter for the dance music scene.  

“Lose Control” marks the second release from Wax Motif’s new production imprint. In 2019, he debuted the single “Divided Souls” featuring rap legend Diddy. With the same name as the record label, the release commemorated Wax’s new vision for himself and new artists. “Division” represents the production gap between house music, electronica, pop, and hip hop beats. “Soul” embodies the passion devoted to production and artist creativity. We’re excited to see what new styles and talent his new label brings forth.

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