Watch Delta Heavy Throw Down on Tour in Salt Lake City [VIDEO]

British Duo Delta Heavy have been creating electronic music together since 2009. Ben Hall & Simone James are in the midst of a tour across 3 continents looking to bring their infectious energy around the world. Their ambitious tour stopped last month in Salt Lake City, UT at the Sky Club.

Delta Heavy spreads their energy through their amazing electronic music, giving the fans a wonderful and energetic show.

I’ve seen a lot of concerts, and this show was one of most passionate and energetic crowds that I’ve ever seen. Delta Heavy really knows how to put on a good show and make sure that everyone in the building has a good time.

Submerge into a Delta Heavy show by watching them throw down at the Sky Club in Salt Lake City:

Delta Heavy will be over in Australia and New Zealand next, but you can expect to see them sharing the stage with the likes of Knife Party at huge festivals this season such as, Middle Lands in Texas this May.

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