Vhyce Releases an Advanced EP on Monaberry ‘All My Love’

Mamma says we have something nicer than she ever had. Tougher mixes dont just happen, Monaberry makes them that way. And tougher sets mean fewer cavities. The reason? Our advanced Vhyce EP. It’s exclusive and it works. Clinical tests prove that the EP with a Dodi Palese Remix toughes mixes. Tastes great, frehens breath, too.

City streets left abandoned, desolate factories and traffic lights aimlessly switching from red to green without a single car in sight to see them change. These are just some of the haunting images that characterize what the post- industrial city of La Louviere looks like. This seems a daunting context to live in, yet there is a certain atmosphere that you can’t
find in any other city.

Let’s take Vhyce as an example. This Portuguese-Italian breed steadily worked his way up to a noteworthy musical profile. Inspired by the desolation in these suburbs, or by the boredom, he grew into a self-taught producer.


In 2021 he released music on Catz N’ Dogz ‘Pets Recordings’, Waze & Odyssey ‘Street Tracks’ Monki ‘&Friends’ that has been supported by Pete Tong, Skream, Kim Ann Foxman, Calvin Harris, DJ Harvey, Jamie Jones and played on BBC radio 1, KCRW, Rinse FM and Kiss FM..

He still has a few moves to make in 2022 with new music coming on Super Flu ‘Monaberry’, Alex Niggemann ‘Aeon’ as well as a new EP for PETS recordings.

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