Vaping as a Part of Hip-Hop Culture

The music that people listen to reflects society, as well as the current trends and ideas. It’s also a great technique that people use to induce new hobbies, lifestyles, and fashion. Hip-hop is among the most famous music genres today. In addition to satisfying current demands, rappers help in their creation.

The vaporizer market may not have existed more than a decade ago. However, current estimates show that it’s currently worth billions. So, how did this market get to where it is now? Has hip-hop played a role in the growth of this market?

The Vaping Phenomenon

People are puffing on vaping devices almost everywhere. That’s because vaping, which used to be a niche interest, has become an international phenomenon. Having the best vape pen is now seen as something fashionable. There are many offers on the market, but it is in great demand vapingdaily best vape pens. Some people that used to smoke traditional cigarettes are now switching to vaping. This mainstream recognition is attributed to the distinct array of choices and health benefits.

Life is the primary source of artistic inspiration. As such, artists are starting to vape and using their creative work to generate popularity. And in this regard, the hip-hop culture is ahead of the others.

Hip-hop is mostly associated with girls, big chains, money, and of course, marijuana. People identify rappers with cannabis and marijuana smoking. It’s, therefore, not surprising that the rap community has many vape pen users.

Although it’s difficult to determine when vaping became so common among the audience, it is firmly rooted already. And, manufacturers are smart in terms of how they market their brands.

Product placement and PR are standard in the hip-hop scene. Vaping products are being placed in hip-hop videos for a purpose. These videos aim at depicting their brands as exclusive and fancy. And, this seems to work better when compared to traditional advertisements.

The Hip-Hop Culture

The history of hip-hop music dates back to the late 60s during the 20th century. However, hip-hop continues to grow and develop every day. The origin of hip-hop culture can be traced to the African American neighborhoods in New York. Although there has been a street culture in all countries, it depicted individual isolation in the U.S ghettos. Eventually, this culture spilled out into the white quarters’ streets and finally to the masses. It was later taken up by show business, movies, and discos.

Since the 1970s, hip-hop culture has been recognized internationally. Its major components include break-dance, rap, street sports, and graffiti. Today, hip-hop culture is more than just a dance direction or music. It’s a means of self-expression and a way of life for the younger generation. Its social orientation was pronounced when it comes to creativity. It protested against injustices, corruption, and money rule. Gradually, hip-hop became fashionable, thereby taking an economic trend.

The Vaping Culture

Vaping has spawned into a subculture that has its slang, dress style, and attitudes towards life among young people. In addition to its potential health benefits, vaping is being seen as a fashion trend. That’s why some individuals want to have the latest vape pens among their peers. Vape culture has absorbed several hip-hop culture elements. And, many hip-hop artists are active vapers.

The availability of different flavors is a significant peculiarity of this culture. Vapers have different flavors to choose from. Only the imagination of manufacturers can limit the available characters. Some of the flavors that vapers can choose from include the lemon pie that comes with a custard and blueberry cake. Vapers are going to vape bars and shops where they enjoy new tastes. They also make parties, organize competitions, and discuss the latest vaping devices.

And when doing this, most of them listen to hip-hop music. For instance, you will find cloud-chasers listening to hip-hop music as they perform different tricks with vapor. It shows that vaping and hip-hop cultures are intertwined.

Hip-Hop Artists Involvement in Vaping

Entrepreneurialism is not new in hip-hop culture. Many artists have invested in new companies in the past. But, hip-hop artists are now releasing their brands of vaping products. It can be attributed to the fact that vaping is among the fastest-growing industries globally.

It’s, therefore, not surprising that hip-hop artists like Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, and Snoop Dog have launched their lines of vaping accessories and kits. Professor Green and Soulja Boy have produced e-liquid flavors.

As such, vaping is more than a mere sight in popular hip-hop videos. It is something that the hip-hop music industry is being involved with increasingly. And, people are using the devices they see rappers hold in music videos. For instance, when an audience sees a rapper with the best vape pen for e liquid, they will want to buy and use it. That’s because top rappers command a significant influence over their fans. It explains why some vaping devices are becoming increasingly popular after rappers feature them in their hip-hop music videos.

The Potential Health Benefits of Vaping

Smoking has been considered a part of the hip-hop culture for many years. And, people have known that smoking is harmful to human health over the years. But, the addictive nature of nicotine has made some people unable to quit. Therefore, the revelation that vaping may potentially be less harmful than smoking has made many people consider vaping. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are being used by about 2.5 million adults in the country. And, these devices have enabled thousands of individuals to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

Therefore, some hip-hop artists that used to smoke in their music videos are now seen vaping. It, in a way, is encouraging the audiences that are struggling to quit smoking to switch to vaping as a healthier alternative.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of vaping is increasing. Hip-hop is playing a role in the popularization of the vape pens by featuring them in music videos. Some hip-hop artists have become brand ambassadors of some vaping products. Some successful rappers have even launched lines of vaping products. Thus, vaping is now an ingrained part of hip-hop culture.

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