The Many Ways to ‘Plug In’ to Electric Forest 2020

In just four short months, we will be returning to Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan to celebrate Decade One of Electric Forest. The festival quickly sold out, but there may still be hope for those who wish to get involved. Electric Forest 2020 will be a collaboration effort and experiment in community, from work to play, you can completely submerge yourself in the experience.

Plug-In Programs offer creative opportunities to jump into Electric Forest 2020 through artistic projects, contests, and so much more.

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As you learn more, explore the lineup through our Electric Forest 2020 playlist:

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The Wish Machine

The Wish Machine is a way to earn your wildest Forest Dream. It’s a great way to share what you do to make an impact or create change. You simply offer an inspirational or charitable deed in exchange for your very own ‘dream-come-true’ experience at Electric Forest. A challenge to spread positivity, kindness, and good deeds; a true Forest manner. Check out more on the Electric Forest Wish Machine HERE.

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Art Installation Sponsorship

Every year we see new art throughout the Forest, this Plug-In Program allows you to submit your idea for an art installation. If you are chosen, you will receive a grant between $1.00-$5,000 to go towards costs to build your installation. Along with it you will get 5 working credentials for your team, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you and your team, and so much more. To check out more on the awards and deadlines head HERE.

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The Brainery Workshop Program

The amount of knowledge that flows through the Forest every year is astonishing. People from all walks of life, and so many have so much to teach. The Brainery is a workshop program for Forest Family, by Forest Family. If you have something you would like to share or teach with your fellow Forest Family, check out more info and submit your idea HERE.

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The Movement Performer Program

We all know and love the pop up performers that grace us throughout the Forest, this program is for Forest Family performers. If you are a mime, magician, contortionist, flow artist, acrobat, skilled dancer, or another type of performer, then this is the program for you! Check out more HERE.

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The Official Sticker Design Contest

Are you an artist? Do you have a vision for a dope Electric Forest Sticker? If so, this is the Plug In Program for you. An art piece worth a thousand words, memories, and fully enveloping what is so special about the Forest, this years sticker design theme is ‘Celebrating One Decade’. For more info on how to submit your art, head HERE.

Prize Cart Remix Contest

If you’ve been to Forest, you know all too well the infamous Prize Cart song. As the stage clears after a set Prize Cart, or one of it’s remixes, plays while the actual Prize Cart graces us with its presence in effort to encourage Forest Family to clean up the trash that follows each amazing set. In trade for your collected trash, you get cool prizes off the cart. If you are musically inclined then this is the Plug In Program to give a shot! Head HERE for more information!

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Chapel Parties For The People

This is such a fun one, if you have absolutely anything under the sun to celebrate in the Forest then this is right up your ally. Whether its big or small that makes it special, this is for the aspiring party promoters, event planners, and creative minds who feel they could bring a special party to the Forest. This is your opportunity to throw the wildest party you can think of! Get more information HERE.

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Unmediated Creators

This one is for passionate creators and thinkers! This is a special opportunity to work closely with the Electric Forest Media Team! Simply submit an idea you feel adds to the spirit of the forest! “This year’s UnMEDIAted Program calls all creatives – copywriters, gif-makers, social influencers, photographers, videographers, live painters, vloggers, podcasters, imaginators, inventors, and more! Submit a unique proposal that is custom-made to add to the creative spirit of The Forest.” Check out more HERE!

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‘Luminarias are memories and hopes in the form of LED candles and art. They are messages to the people who are with us in spirit, and the stories of where our journeys diverged.’ The Luminaria Program has exceeded it’s limit, however, if you wish to create a Luminaria in the Forest you are welcome to, just find the Heart Center in Sherwood Forest! To read more, or join the Luminaria Facebook Group, head HERE!

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Fantastical Feats & World Records

This is the Guiness Book of World Records, but better, and for Forest Family! You’re invited to brainstorm with your pals to think up the most fantastical Forest records! They can be comedic, ambitious, and never-before-seen campaigns to set new, or surpass existing, Electric Forest Records. (Please note that you must already have a wristband to Electric Forest 2020. This specific Plug In Program does not offer a wristband award, so please do not submit an entry if you have not already secured a wristband for 2020.)

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The Electric Forest Coloring Book

Coloring book pages, comics, poems, and other printable arts are all invited to be a part of the Electric Forest Coloring Book. The Coloring Book is offered as Official Merchandise, and all profits are donated to the Music In Schools Program. To check out more and submit your page, head HERE!

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Electric Forces

Electric Forces is an opportunity to be of service with brothers and sisters from the military behind the scenes of Electric Forest. Check out more on this amazing Plug In Program below. To apply, head HERE.

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Work Exchange Team

Become a member of the Electric Forest 2020 staff through the Work Exchange Team program. FanStaff get music industry and work experience in an exciting live-event environment. This is an awesome way to earn your ticket to Electric Forest. All you have to do is dedicate 18 hours to working the festival before, during, or after. For more info and to apply, head HERE!

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The UNTZ Challenge

Once again, is giving two rising stars a life-changing opportunity. The prize package includes sets at the best summer music festivals taking place across the United States—and this year, we’re partnered with the absolute best. The two winners of The Untz Challenge XI will be playing at FIVE major music festivals across a four month span. For more info and to apply, head HERE!

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The Discovery Project

If you follow Insomniac, you have probably heard of this one before. The Discovery Project is somewhat like The UNTZ Challenge, but a bit different. Insomniac’s Discovery Project was created to give a voice to emerging artists in the electronic music world. This year’s details have not yet been announced, so you will need to keep an eye out for the official announcement as we inch closer to returning home!

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Her Forest

With a focus on connection, inspiration, and comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between all who identify as women. Her Forest programs intend to create the most supportive and empowering environment possible. Check out more below, if you are interested in getting involved, head HERE!

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Electricology rewards sustainable, active, and respectful Forest Family with exclusive prizes and festival experiences! With many ways to get involved, Electricology encourages us to clean up after ourselves and be conscious of our footprint here. Check out more on this awesome program HERE.

Photo Credit – Electric Forest
Photo Credit – Electric Forest

EF Radio

EF Radio is a community-driven radio platform dedicated to broadcasting frequencies from The Forest through a variety of channels and programming.  Tune in 24/7/365 for festival news, shout outs, live sets from years past, new tracks from festival artists and more. Interested in getting involved with EF Radio? If you have a passion for storytelling or experience in radio journalism or audio editing, tell EF Radio about yourself here.

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TWLOHA Barrier Project

This special project is an invitation to be a part of interactive growth. Forest Family will build a wall that represents the things that threaten to keep us separated, and focuses on the ways that we strive to develop as human beings. We will decorate and dominate by our aspirations for growth, and set intentions, with our barriers left in the past. Check out this special effort for recognition of Suicide Prevention Week that was put together by To Write Love on Her Arms, Bassnectar, and Forest HQ.

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The Roy Price Memorial Food Drive 

HQ is teaming up with Conscious Alliance for the tenth consecutive year to host The Roy Price Memorial Food Drive! All food donations will benefit the local Price Family Food Bank of Rothbury, Michigan, which has collected record amounts of food for the local community.  For more info, head HERE!

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Want to make a difference? Visit HeadCount in the Ranch Lobby to register to vote, learn about local elections, and paint on the community canvas. In 2019, HeadCount registered over 750 Forest Family as voters, bringing the total count of voters registered at Electric Forest to 3,500 since 2011.

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The Music In Schools Program

Electric Forest’s Music In Schools program has supported local music education since 2012. Each year, thousands of dollars are donated to help keep music part of the curriculum in Michigan public schools. Check out the video below, for more info, head HERE.

The Big Life Foundation

A percentage of every Electric Forest wristband purchased is donated to the Big Life Foundation.The Big Life Foundation is an organization focusing on innovative conservation strategies and collaboration with local communities to protect and sustain East Africa’s wildlife and wildlands.

Our two featured artists that you should check out for 2020 are below, check them out!

Photo Credit – 5AM


Based out of Philadelphia, PA, the eclectic producer 5AM (Sam Andrus) specializes in a style of bass music that opens portals between the mystical jazz fusion and soul of the past and the digital psychedelic pulse of the future. He excels in crystal clear sound design, deep bass, and blissed-out melodies, living for those moments of transcendence when two musical ideas merge into something brand new. Those moments reach audiences through live sets using a custom Ableton DJ setup and live keys, taking the dance-floor on a one of a kind journey at every show.

Photo Credit – AHZ


AHZ is a new ensemble featuring LA-based producers Brody Jenner, SAVILoren Moore, Adair Cobley, Dylan Taylor, and lead vocalist Adam O’Rourke of 2Cents. The group recently signed to United Talent Agency. From their Malibu-based studio, this innovative crew puts a fresh spin on the live music experience. Combining elements of electronic rock, punk, bass, and pop, AHZ may very well be revolutionizing music as we know it. Ushering in a new generation of sound, they are forging their own path, bringing something new and exciting! They were also just booked to play Ultra Music Festival in Miami this month.

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