VAANCE and Herrin’s ‘Wait For You’ Welcomes the Summer

New music means new playlists and with that, we officially announce that summer is not cancelled. VAANCE and Herrin have collaborated with American singer Luma on their most recent track ‘Wait For You’ and it is light hitting the skin after quarantine. Pressing play begins a light piano introduction that eventually intertwines with the vocals of Luma. As the song progresses, listeners will find themselves swaying, smiling, and at peace. The melodies of ‘Wait For You’ are cathartic and creates a sense of elevation perfect for rustic highway drives with the windows down.

For You
Photo via VAANCE and Herrin

This isn’t the first alliance between VAANCE and LA-based Herrin. In 2018, they teamed up to release a creative twist on Steve Void‘s ‘Crooked’, which amassed over 200,000 plays. With what felt like overnight success, future collaborations between the two became inevitable. Sync the speakers to ‘Crooked’!

Overtime, both artists have collected a stable fan-base that continues to grow every day. High key, I’m obsessed with VAANCE’s ‘Nostalgia’. The lyrics are contagious. Try not singing along to it in the mirror- I dare you. Ironically, I’ve been attached to Herrin’s ‘Feels Like A Dream’, which also features Luma. Maybe I’m a softy for female vocalists because Herrin’s ‘Hold Onto Me’ featuring Sara Skinner is also a recent add-on to my summer 2020 playlist.

For You
Photo via VAANCE IG

For You
Photo via Herrin IG

Turn up the volume to Herrin’s ‘Hold Onto Me’ now!

Due to the pandemic and restrictions around COVID, a vast amount of shows are cancelled or rescheduled with dates TBD. Until further notice, avid fans can anticipate on a plethora of new releases from VAANCE and Herrin this year.

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