Unlimited Gravity & ProJect Aspect’s Latest Sets the Tone for Sonic Bloom

Unlimited Gravity and ProJect Aspect are the Co-Founder’s of The Mile High Sound Movement (MHSM), a large presence at Sonic Bloom this year. It was just announced that they will be bringing in Friday morning of the festival this year. To celebrate the occasion they each released a new track to give us a taste of what they have been creating lately.

Bass music pioneers Unlimited Gravity and ProJect Aspect are scheduled for take off night 1 of Sonic Bloom 2017.

They will do back to back sets on the Hummingbird stage from midnight until at least 2am. They put on a surreal show that make you wonder about the possibilities of sound. They are pioneers of sonic exploration and will set the stage well for what the rest of the weekend has in store for Bloomers.

Check out the daily lineup for Sonic Bloom 2017.

Sonic Bloom Daily Schedule

Unlimited Gravity comes out with a single called, ‘Speakers that Boom’, which makes this the 2nd of 4 parts that will make up his Choose Your Direction EP. Enjoy the wicked bounce and the ways he warps sounds. While ProJect Aspect dubs his single, ‘Dime On My Nine’, which brings us wild sounds that are under so much control accompanied by alluring vocal samples to eat up all day.

Listen to the first half of Unlimited Gravity’s Choose Your Direction EP below: 

Unlimited Gravity Choose Your Direction EP art

Listen ProJect Aspect’s ‘Dime On My Nine’: 

ProJect Aspect ‘Dime On My Nine’

The mission of Mile High Sound Movement:

The Mile High Sound Movement is an artist collective in Colorado dedicated to gathering unique and original art and music and exposing it to the world. The Movement is passionate not only about music but about self-expression and organic art in all of their various forms and manifestations. -MHSM Facebook

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