Two Fresh Remixes Kehlani’s Ballad “Tore Up”

Two Fresh push this ballad out of its comfort zone by fusing together a distorted guitar with the Future R&B sound Kehlani is known for. The original gorgeous piano melody is in tact for the beginning and outro.

Kehlani’s voice is also kept unaltered to allow the similar “feeling” be sustained.

Kehlani - Tore Up (Two Fresh Remix)
Kehlani – Tore Up (Two Fresh Remix)

Two Fresh delicately alter the verses with filtered snare rolls. This allows Kehlani‘s voice to be the clear focus of the track. Even when the chorus enters, Two Fresh only add in a neutral sounding fretted bass, and a distorted guitar echoing in the background. Almost as if they are painting the track, the subtle details used heighten the track.

For instance, the reverse vocals that finish the original track are instead used as the bridge section of the song. The effect here is stronger because the reverse vocals crescendo in volume to allow the final chorus have more “weight” and value to it.

Because of details like this, Two Fresh’s “Tore Up” has effective contrasts between each section.

The variations help keep the track moving throughout the 3 and a half minute length. What you’re left with is a super smooth take on Kehlani’s “Tore Up”that greatly improves on the original.

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