TroyBoi Reveals His Plans for 2018 in Exclusive Interview at SnowGlobe

It had been a few months since we checked in with heavy-hitting UK trap music wizard TroyBoi. When we got a chance to catch up with him in South Lake Tahoe at SnowGlobe, we chatted about his favorite moments on tour, his upcoming set and what to expect in the New Year.

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Last time we sat down with you was at Life is Beautiful, before your set. Amazing set, by the way. You killed it! You seemed so natural and comfortable on stage. Do you ever get nervous performing in front of big crowds like that?

Thank you so much! Sometimes I get a little bit anxious I guess, but then I just think, “You know what?  People came here to see me, and I’m confident in what I do.”  So, I think that when I’m out there and I see the crowd going and acting the way they are when they hear my music, I mean that’s enough for me, just to keep going. So, it’s all good.

When we spoke last, you were just wrapping up your Left is Right Tour. What was the most memorable show on that tour?

Yeah, we finished the tour about a month ago. It was awesome! That was the last leg of the tour, actually, when you saw me. But possibly one of the most memorable shows was in LA. Because for me personally, that was the biggest number of people I’ve seen see my show. I played at the Palladium, and that was basically sold out. Also, I had my whole production there on that day, so it was just a remarkable experience for me and, I would imagine, for the crowd as well. That was one of my favorite shows, for sure.

So we ran out of time at the last interview, but I wanted to ask you: I know you have all these tattoos. Can you tell us about the meaning behind some of them or your favorite one?

There are so many! I have so many and they all kind of have their own meaning. I just recently got my whole stomach done, which was pretty cool. And I’ve got the mantra logo dead center of my chest. Well, the mantra logo is special. That was the name of my first tour and the name of one of my songs. So that definitely means something to me. It’s a constant reminder of having a good mantra and to always stay positive and to do good things. It always reminds me of that.  And I have a huge dragon, which goes all the way from my chest all the way around my arm. I’m part Chinese so definitely, the dragon is a very strong symbol for me.

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Let’s talk about SnowGlobe. This is your first time playing at the festival. SnowGlobe is unique because people are literally dancing in snowsuits, fully decked out head to toe for the cold. Have you ever played at a festival like that before?

First time performing at SnowGlobe, but I have been up to Tahoe before and it’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. And no, this will be my first, really, in this kind of conditions and climate, so I’m definitely excited to see how this is! 

What can we look forward to in your SnowGlobe set?

You can just look forward to the usual TroyBoi vibes. There’s definitely going to be unique vibes throughout. And there will be new music as well. I will probably test out a few new tracks that I’ve been working on. Unique music.

Listen to TroyBoi’s ‘Flamez’:

Can’t wait! New Years is here, so any New Year’s resolutions for 2018?

My only resolution is the same thing as always. It’s basically to top each year. And to always be consistent and to take things to the next level. This year I made an album. Next year I’m definitely going to drop another new album with crazy music. And next year, one New Year’s resolution for me is to actually make a lot more music, because last year I did a lot of touring and never really got a chance to put out as much music as I did before.

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