Trippy Turtle – FoFo

FoFo by Trippy Turtle
Photo via Trippy Turtle/SoundCloud

The king of Jersey Club music is back.

After a 5 month wait since his last release, Trippy Turtle has returned to bring us another excellent track.

Titled “FoFo,” the song is vintage Trippy Turtle with a variety of samples that are goofy and clever at the same time.

These samples work to contrast the deep and shifting bassline of the song, keeping it engaging to the listener for its entirety. Sadly there is no release date yet for this track, so we’ll just have to keep racking up Trippy’s SoundCloud plays in the meantime until it comes out, and hopefully this means we’ll hear more new music from him soon.

Check out “FoFo” by Trippy Turtle below.

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