Trance Lord MaRLo Delivers an Uplifting Single ‘Falling Down’

Dutch trance lord, MaRLo grants us with another electrifying single released by Armind called, ‘Falling Down’. This big room trance piece will mesmerize any crowd with its joyful bounce and penetrating notes. For support, MaRLo connects with Netherland’s DJ First State to add even deeper dynamics to this intricately crafted single.

MaRLo’s latest trance single is sure to become a summer anthem and it’s finally here.

MaRLo & First State ‘Falling Down’

‘Falling Down’ incisively cuts to the core of what music-lovers want long before they know they want it. Also, in this single MaRLo paints a mind-expanding picture with an empowering beat and lyrics that ring “falling down, I’m never landing on the ground.” In a sense, through the energy of this single, he turns the negative connotation of “falling down” to be depicted as a positive direction.

For the radio edit, MaRLo begins with soaring and catchy male vocals that appeals to the masses and screams ‘mega-hit’. With satisfying builds and an uplifting beat, ‘Falling Down’ radiates the light of MaRLo’s inner club-kid soul. This edit strikes powerful chords that creates a triumphant atmosphere that is sure to be reinvented by headliners across the world.

‘Falling Down’ is an infectious and invigorating celebration of trance music with a drop that will to launch you into another state.

The Extended Mix reveals a darker side of ‘Falling Down’ with its longer and filthier structure. This edit is sly, driving and forward thrusting. The mysterious and suspenseful builds makes this version exciting and better suited for controlling festival and club crowds.

MaRLo set at D.W.P – Djakarta Warehouse Project photo via MaRLo Facebook

The two different designs of ‘Falling Down’ display MaRLo’s prowess of both the stage and studio.

Take a listen to MaRLo & First State’s ‘Falling Down’ below:

If you weren’t already, you are now pleasantly familiar with “The MaRLo Sound”, a sound derived from tech-trance, hard-trance, and big room sound. MaRLo has been fine-tuning his sound by pulling influence from accomplished fellow DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Aphex Twin and The Prodigy.

MaRLo at the Marquee Sydney photo via MaRLo Facebook

After ruthless determination, his influences are now taking notice to his sound as Armin van Buuren states, “MaRLo knows how to program the best lead sounds.” He has also gained a strong following through his signature track ‘Visions’ that crowds blow up for, his international hit ‘Haunted’ featuring MaRLo’s wife Jano on vocals and his Beatport chart topper, ‘Atlantis’.

Listen to his beloved single ‘Visions’ below to get a stronger taste of “The MaRLo Sound”:

Also, to help shape his sound MaRLo has added his magical and quenching touch to remake tracks by artists like Armin, Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, W&W and Gareth Emery. Now that MaRLo has developed many unmistakable sides to his music, some would say that if his music were a shape, then it would be a 4-D octagon.

Following this release, MaRLo is excited to announce that his Tech Energy Mix is scheduled to be released on May 12th. Also, be sure to catch his explosive and palpable sets that have us hooked.

Watch MaRLo throw down for his hometown crowd in Australia for ALTITUDE:

View MaRLo’s tour dates and locations by clicking here. He will be in Denver this weekend, April 15th at Jazz at Jacks. Hope to see you there.

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