Top Gifts for Ravers in 2022

This year’s top gifts for ravers are better than ever! If you’re looking for gifts for ravers, look no further, because we have the best gifts for any rave king or festival queen. Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your concert-going experience or want to add some excitement to your next festival, we’ve got you covered. Our gifts for ravers will make your next music event even more enjoyable!

When it comes to gifts for ravers, it’s not just about what the gift is, but also how much thought you put into it. After all, ravers are known for their love of live music and creative fashion, so it’s important to find something that reflects that. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these ideas!

Rave Bracelets and Necklaces by Jaxx​

To start, these rave accessories, XX by JAXX are perfect gifts for festival goers in 2022. xxbyjaxx offers some of the hottest fashion trends in the rave scene, and their bracelets are some of the most unique pieces we’ve seen. These bracelets are not anything like your classic rave kandi, they are Chrome Kandi, made entirely of stainless steel These jewelry pieces are popping off, and I’m sure you’ll see them at your next event. Whether you’re looking for something for someone special or for everyone, you’ll find a style that fits your needs.

Raveraide Hydration Supplement​

Gifts for ravers should definitely include Raveraide Hydration sticks! The hydration supplement is the first all-natural supplement that also features brain boosting nootropics & immune support. This makes it a great gift for ravers. The hydrate supplement comes in a variety of delicious flavors and quantities to satisfy anybody’s flavor palette. Worried about not using it up at the next festival? Let me stop your worries, it can also be used as a pre-workout or simply in the mornings to maintain your energy throughout the whole day! Come get yours right while the supplies last.

VibeWire Men’s Festival Fashion​

Men’s rave fashion has always been a sore subject within the industry. there truthfully has yet to be a reliable player in the scene. That isn’t the case now. VibeWire Festival clothing has dropped and they have some DOPE sets. Spice up your loved one’s festival clothing with a couple of sleeveless or bliss kimonos. With a very creative concoction between titanium colorway and unique patterns, VibeWire has got you covered! Want to look different? They got just the right stuff. A unique styled hood and sleeveless or sleeved kimono match the entire look. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you will definitely be remembered. They’ve been voted #1 for men’s rave apparel in 2022.

Clutch Loop Phone Tether​

Another top gift for ravers is ClutchLoop, a phone tether that helps keep your phone safe and secure. I will not ever go to a festival without one of these. I am yet to catch a pickpocket trying to nab my phone, but I CANNOT wait for the day that happens. This uniquely designed phone harness comes in two parts: the hook and the lock. The part of the lock that goes inside your phone case removes all the possibilities of your phone slipping out, while the external connector attaches to the hook. ClutchLoop takes all the risks out of the equation, making it a great gift for any raver!

RaveRunner® Rave Hydration Pack​

The race to create the most sleek and efficient rave hydropack is over and the RaveRunner holds the crown. I could say that it comes with a solar panel charger to make sure you can always capture every moment of the festival, or that it can include a sound reactive UnderGlow DiscoBall, or that it has countless color variations. But instead, I will say that it can be fully customizable when it comes to features and designs. Simply upload your own design or pick from some of the ARTIST SERIES skins and you are good to go! Did I also mention that it is one of the best anti-theft hydration packs out there? This rave hydration pack would be a solid and thoughtful gift for the raver in your life.

GenZ Outdoor also released a few chest utility packs for the minimalist raver. Chest bags are all the rage for ravers this season! Not only do they come in handy for keeping your essentials closeby, but they also look supercool and add a bit of edge to your style. This RaveRunner X/Rig1 Chest bag is perfect for any festivalgoer looking for function and fashion. It comes in two colors and has all the features you need, like anti-chafe pads and multiple straps for clipping on extras. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear even when you’re packing a lot of gear. If you want to stand out from the crowd at your next music festival, make sure to pick up this chest bag!

We just rattled off five options of gifts for ravers. If you were unhappy with everything we put on here, please feel free to hit us up in the comments below. We are always looking out for new, quality gear is the festival industry. Whether you are looking for gifts for your friends or for yourself, we have got you covered.

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