Top 10 Ways for Upcoming Producers to Get Their Music Heard

Wanting to be a famous DJ has become one of the most popular trends recently. We hear stories of bedroom producers suddenly blowing up and think it shouldn’t be that difficult. Besides the endless amount of hours it takes to learn proper production, branding is an equal part of the equation.

With everyone making music, it’s difficult to standout in an over-saturated field where people are being flooded by bedroom producers wanting to “make it big”. For any music producer looking to get their music heard, Spotify is a great platform to consider. With millions of users and a wide range of genres represented, their music has the potential to reach a global audience. Besides, there are numerous services that allow you to promote music on Spotify, increase streams and followers.

Therefore, we’ve come up with 10 tips to help you get your music heard.

Ultra Music Festival 2016 // Photo via Facebook
Ultra Music Festival 2016 // Photo via Facebook

10) Track Submission

Submitting music to us guarantees that we will listen to it and if it’s good, it will get featured on the site. Many of the tracks sent to us have been featured and even if they don’t, they go on our Promoted Section page. To submit a track, click the “Submit Music Here” button below.


9) Email

While not the most effective, being able to email your favorite artist or record label could potentially yield massive results. Both artists and labels are constantly scouting for new music and if your tunes are to their liking, it opens up a while new world of possibilities and connections.

Victor Niglio told fans how to properly format a promo email:


8) Remix a Popular Track or a Lesser Known Track

This can either go both ways. Remixing a very popular song could net you many plays as many people are searching for it and are curious to hear what a remix sounds like.

For example, when The Chainsmokers released “Closer” and didn’t upload it to Soundcloud. When you searched for it, only remixes appeared in the search bar. Producers with a very few followers such as GhostDragon gained over 10 million plays since he was the first one to remix “Closer”.

On the other hand, remixing a lesser known artist almost guarantees support from them which automatically increases your audience range.

7) Marketing Yourself on Social Media

Social media gives artists a platform to not only express themselves but to reach a much larger audience at an accelerated rate. With the 3 big social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), there are more than enough opportunities to gain a following if you’re active and engage with your followers.

Besides posting quality content, be sure to like/comment/repost and continually maintain your pages.

6) Perform Live

If you’re an aspiring DJ/producer, then performing live is something you will need to do sooner than later. The earlier you are able to learn the art of DJing, the easier it will become over time. Practicing in smaller venues will remove any stage fright and will put you in the zone for when the time comes that you’re playing at larger venues or festivals.

Kayzo Past vs. Present via Facebook
Kayzo Past vs. Present via Facebook

5) Websites for Finding Music

The two biggest websites for this are Wavo and Hypemachine.

One of the big reasons Wavo helps newer artists is that they run remix competitions. Many artists such as ZeddMadeon, and others, originally gained their fan-base from winning remix competitions. Hypemachine is a music blog aggregator and have given the fuel for many artists’ careers, most notably The Chainsmokers.

4) Connecting with Other Artists

Reaching out to fellow producers gives networking opportunities, collaboration opportunities, and puts your name out there. Start commenting on other artists’ songs and they will most likely return the favor. Building connections is essential no matter what field you’re in but especially in the music industry.

3) FREE Downloads

This should go without saying but newer artists are under the impression that making money through music should start on Day 1. As you start to produce and get your name out there, ALL of your tracks should be available for free download – it’s better for fans, and even for artists as it’s more likely to be shared.

deadmau5's Home Studio // Photo via Magnetic Mag
deadmau5’s Home Studio // Photo via Magnetic Mag

2) Focus on Your Production Before Anything

While marketing yourself and getting your name out there is important, the music should always come first. Music-making and production is a learning experience, no matter how far along the path you are. Even the greatest producers are still not even close to reaching their full potential and continually seek out new challenges.

1) Be Friendly, Open, and Honest

This is the #1 key. Simply put, you will never go far working by yourself and thinking you’re the best. Be humble, collaborative, and spread positivity.