A Brief History of Cannabis and Music

Are you interested in both cannabis and music and want to know if there is any connection between the two? Do you want to know how it had a major influence on music over the years?

For centuries, people have used cannabis to enhance their musical experiences. It amplifies the senses, making it the perfect accompaniment to any type of music. With the recent spread of legalization, cannabis has become more available to those who want to enhance their musical experience by using it, but regular users are no exception as online head shops like DankStop offer something for everyone.

Though its use has sometimes been controversial, cannabis and music continue to be popular together. Here is a brief history.

The Beginnings

It has been around for centuries if not millennia and it has been a part of people’s culture in many different ways from recreational to medicinal. Going back to the beginning of music and cannabis together the first known use of it in music was discovered in India over 2000 years ago.

It was also used in the early ancient Greek and Roman times to help with the creative writing process for poetry and written work as well as music. In the early 1900s, we started to see the addition of jazz music throughout the world and there was a big influence of it on jazz music and sometimes this is very noticeable.

Jazz musicians especially closer to the 40s began using it as a way to improve their music and their skill as well as to encourage new thought patterns and create new and innovative music that people had not yet heard of before. It is something that has greatly helped the creative process in many different factors and many different ways, and this is seen throughout the history of music all across the globe.

Cannabis in Pop Culture Today

From around the 90s to the early 2010s it was illegal for people to consume, sell or even own, and this is still true in many countries around the world today however listed in the stop many people from consuming it as a way to help them with the creative process of writing music and creating new sounds for people to appreciate.

Today many famous musicians openly admit to consuming it regularly including Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg to name a few. These men openly endorse the use of it and have even made entire albums devoted to the consumption of it. Other bands have also done this such as Grateful Dead and Cypress Hill who have also hosted cannabis-themed concerts which have proven to be a popular hit.

These types of concerts and festivals have become incredibly popular over the last few years and there is even a festival that takes place in Amsterdam every year that is solely dedicated to the consumption of it and its dedication to music.

Above and beyond just that there are many musicians and even comedians who have spoken out about their love of it as well as how it has helped them greatly with their creativity and their productivity

The Connection

With all of this information, it is no surprise that there is a great connection between the use of cannabis consumption and the production of incredible music. This comes in where it positively affects the brain by attaching to cannabinoid receptors and giving you the most out of it.

Cannabis not only gets you high, but it also contains a cannabinoid called CBD which is known as the healing factor or the healing compound within the plant. This compound is known to help you focus relax, be calm, and just have an overall more Zen approach to life.

this relaxation in combination with the euphoric effect that it gives to the consumer results in a beautiful collaboration that gives us an amazing sense of creativity and work ethic. There is so much connection to be made between the consumption of it and the creation of beautiful sounds and music that we listen to today that comes from 2000 years back into history and it is something that we should greatly appreciate.

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