Yesterday Is History and Tomorrow Is No Longer A Mystery: TomorrowWorld Is Officially Cancelled

TomorrowWorld – Announcement

Dear Friends, It’s with a heavy heart that we inform you, TomorrowWorld will not take place in 2016. Unfortunately in the current environment, it is not possible to give you the best and unique experience you deserve.We will miss seeing each other in September and experiencing the magic of TomorrowWorld as one. You, the People of Tomorrow, the foundation of TomorrowWorld, are our inspiration. Let’s lock and cherish all the magnificent memories in our hearts, this is not farewell… TomorrowWorld

Posted by TomorrowWorld on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

After much speculation following the SFX bankruptcy, TomorrowWorld has released a video officially confirming that the U.S. version of the worldwide brand is no longer returning to Chattahoochee Hills.

It looks like tomorrow is no longer a mystery.

TomorrowWorld Cancelled
TomorrowWorld 2016 has officially been cancelled.