Today Insomniac and VRLIVE Released The EDC VR Experience To All

Last year in Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival, VRLIVE teamed up with Insomniac to capture 360º VR footage of the entire experience from stunning angles. Today, the new team announced the virtual reality footage will be debuted at CES 2017, the world’s largest tradeshow for modern technology.

Attendees at the CES convention along with fans at home will be able to relive the once-in-a-lifetime moments from last year’s 20th annual EDC.

photo via XRLIVE

The VR technology was previously only available for EDC attendees during the live event. At the festival people were able to put on a VR headset that would transport them to any stage they wanted and virtually vibe out right next to their favorite DJs, with a 360º perspective.

The Insomniac and VRLIVE curated experience will be accessible to anyone at home by going to

If you do not have an at-home VR setup yet, then this EDC VR experience is plenty of a reason to purchase one. It is 2017, let’s embrace the new technology. I cannot wait to see how this unbelievable technology affects our couch tours…

Along with the debut of the VR experience at the massive CES convention, there will be other mind-boggling new technology that will be announced. Keep up with their news feeds to learn more about what advancements have been recently unveiled.

Take a peek of people enjoying the VRLIVE installment at EDC Vegas 2016 below:

EDC Vegas will be taking place on June 16th, 17th and 18th. You can discover how the 2017 EDC Vegas experience will be trumping last years by clicking here.

Photo via Insomniac

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